Story Of The Week

Oregon Restricts Pesticide Use Following Bee Deaths

Oregon is banning the use of more than a dozen pesticide products, after Portland witnessed a staggering 50,000 bumblebee deaths in one month.[google_adsense_01]

Cancer Exposed!

Cancer-Proof Your Home: Gardening

Common chemicals in weed killers and pesticides are linked to cancer and Parkinson’s. Read before you spray and check out our other articles in this series, including Beauty Products And Cancer, Cleaning Products And Cancer, Paint And Cancer, Plastic And Cancer, Radon And Cancer, and Cookware And Cancer.

Genetically Modified Madness

Chipotle Starts Labeling GMO Ingredients On Website Menu

Chipotle is now the first fast-food chain to label ingredients with GMOs, and 12 of the company’s 24 main ingredients are contaminated.

The Popular Food That Turns Your Gut Into A Pesticide Factory

Research reveals one “safe” toxin used to make corn is in 93 percent of maternal and 69 percent of non-pregnant women’s blood samples.

Behind The Label

Food Companies Work To Make It Look Natural

Food engineers are using some devious tactics to make processed foods look wholesome.

McDonald’s Cruelty: Creating Mentally Broken & Physically Destroyed Animals

More than 99 percent of eggs used by McDonald’s come from chickens confined in tiny, barren cages, in what is certainly the most abusive factory farming system in existence.

20 Unusual Uses For Salt

Here are 20 unusual and surprising household, beauty and health uses for salt, from cleaning the chimney to brightening your skin.

BuyCott Monsanto!

HoneyColony came across an amazing app called Buycott. Once you download the app, you simply scan a barcode. It will look up the product, determine what brand it belongs to, and figure out what company owns that brand. Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles.

To create awareness about genetically modified organisms and Monsanto, we created this nifty teeshirt on organic cotton for only $35.

What’s more is that this conscious purchase also helps HoneyColony thrive, as we are a member supported site that does not include corporate advertising.

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Sweet Deal Of The Week

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