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By HoneyColony Staff

It seems like every day someone finds a new purpose for honey, thereby adding to this golden nectar’s already massive catalog of ingenious uses. Lip balm? Check. Hair conditioner and facial scrub? You be(e)tcha! Hell, it was even called for as embalming fluid by ancient Egyptians, instilling some rather perfunctory literalism in Shakespeare’s whole “parting is such sweet sorrow” aphorism.

Luckily at HoneyColony we carry all manner of bee-based products—specifically for the here and now as opposed to the hereafter—and we’ve rounded up a few of our original favorites below. Thank you for all you do, honey. You’re kind of like nature’s very own Swiss Army Knife…minus the annoying plastic toothpick we never use.


Wax on, wax on again.

Nothing quite says “I do it all” like petroleum jelly. It’s purported to treat everything from toenail fungus and genital rashes to nosebleeds, diaper rash, and chest colds. The problem, of course, is traditional jelly is a byproduct of the same gunk we get our gasoline from, and slathering your body with big oil doesn’t exactly sound eco-friendly (or eco-“logical”).

Waxelene offers a better, safer, and greener alternative. It’s made with clean beeswax, as well as organic soy, vitamin E, and rosemary oils that won’t clog up your pores like petroleum does. Whether as an aftershave, a makeup base, or an all-around moisturizer, the question isn’t what Waxelene can do for you, it’s what it can’t. Note: it can’t do your taxes. Check it out here!

Pure Beeswax Tins

None of your beeswax!
The science may still be out regarding honey’s alleged aphrodisiac qualities, but nothing spells romance like the sultry smoldering of a clean candle. Pure Beeswax Tins contain votives made with 100 percent pure beeswax, and every little one gives off a sweet honey fragrance for over 12 hours once lit. Additionally, the wicks in these little wax powerhouses are pure cotton (no toxic junk in these babies), while the tins themselves are molded almost entirely out of recycled metals, and can be used with replacement votives again and again. Check it out here!

Bee Pollen


Bee pollen just may be one of the best superfoods out there. It’s loaded with protein and packed with more amino acids than beef, not to mention all the reported nutritional benefits that run the gamut from increased energy and cleaner skin to immune boosts and a strengthened cardiovascular system.

We carry a lot of bee pollen at HoneyColony, including HiveMind and YS, both of which come from very reputable sources here in the USA. If you haven’t gotten on the bee pollen bandwagon yet, or if you’re looking for a top pollen supplement to replace your existing stash, these are both great places to start.

Some studies even suggest that ingesting small amounts of bee pollen can desensitize common allergies over time, but be sure to ask a physician about any allergies you may have before starting a bee pollen regimen. Check it out here!

Bloom’s Raw Pumpkin Honey

Bloom goes the dynamite!

What is it about pumpkin? By itself, this ribbed cultivar of the squash family can appear about as appetizing as eating a basketball. But prepare it right or pair it right, and you’ve got a magical infusion of complex aromas and multilayered tastyness. That’s certainly the case with Bloom’s Raw Pumpkin Honey, which melds 100 percent raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized honey with the perfect hint of pumpkin.

Sourced entirely in Southern California, Bloom’s Raw Pumpkin Honey is perfect for baking, cooking, or even unapologetic spooning. And the company even donates a portion of their profits to bee research, making their whole delicious product line — which includes mesquite, blackberry, and even avocado honeys — that much sweeter. Check it out here! 

HoneyColony Pollinate Bar

Pollinate polli-now!

Made exclusively for HoneyColony by one of our favorite companies, Chocolatl, the HoneyColony Pollinate Bar provides a glorious blend of organic raw cacao, cacao butter, raw local honey, coconut sugar, bee pollen, vanilla, and Himalayan salt! We’d tell you more, but our mouths are full and the keyboard is too sticky to keep typing. Check it out here!


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