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We have exciting news, please read my letter to you to find out about the eMagazine and the storewide liquidation sale.

I’m honored to have spearheaded the journey of HoneyColony as a leading eMagazine and eCommerce platform. Since 2012, our magazine has been at the forefront of information from a biohacking functional medicine perspective. My small hive and I firmly believe in optimizing our biology, rather than eradicating our immune system. As such, over the years, we’ve become a beacon of quality information and a dependable source of premium wellness products.

Our mission at HoneyColony has always been more than just providing top-quality products and information. Our aim has always been to empower, educate, and inspire. Our fundamental objective was to be a powerful instrument for change, spreading vital information to aid people in making informed wellness choices and promoting environmental sustainability.

Unfortunately, the company and I fell victim to economic espionage. They made destructive moves, some of which involved the magazine, over the years we have penned a whopping 16,000 articles and 32,000 backlinks, so when all this work was disrupted it had devastating results. The damage to our SEO was so severe, it could have easily destroyed most organizations. 

Balancing our commitment to both commerce and reporting has been a challenge we’ve grappled with for quite some time. As many of you may know HoneyColony is no stranger to attacks. We were attacked for being one of the first to sell CBD. I’ve covered the politics of CBD extensively. Our rankings suffered after Google rolled out their Medic Update, eradicating organic searches in favor of autosuggestions and resulting in a drop from 450K unique visitors. Having minored in Psychology, I can confidently say that autosuggestions are a simple but powerful mind-control tool. I reported about technofascism too before it was in vogue. In 2020, post-Rona, the FDA came after us as part of Operation Quack Hack, which was an attack against those who believe in natural immunity. 

The HoneyColony store has always been here to offer invaluable resources to many of you, and we were reticent to let that part of our mission go. Finding a reliable alternative has been a priority, yet no straightforward solution has presented itself until recently.

I am thrilled to announce that we have found an ideal solution that ensures the continuity of the life-improving products you and the community relied on us to supply.

I’ve entrusted your favorite HoneyColony products into the hands of a new team that will keep the years of product research and development I’ve invested in alive through the rebranding of our former sister site Simply Transformative.

It is immensely relieving to have found such a harmonious outcome. With this new arrangement, we can further our mission of sharing actionable insights and cutting-edge research with our readers while simultaneously ensuring our top-tier wellness products remain accessible.

As we embrace this transformation, we must liquidate HoneyColony’s existing stockpile of quality products. It’s our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support throughout our journey. 

This transition represents an exciting new chapter for HoneyColony, one that preserves the essence of our mission while responding to the evolving needs of our community. We look forward to continuing to serve you and champion health and sustainability in the exciting times ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy shopping!

Warm regards,
Maryam Henein
Founder, HoneyColony

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