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HoneyColony has created three exotic holiday gift packages to tingle your senses, light up your holidays, and stoke your desires. Try one or try them all. Better yet, surprise someone with a gift that’s almost too hot to handle. Just don’t let the season slip by without adding a little sizzle to those sleigh bells! This gift set is packaged in a box made in the USA out of 100% recycled material.

Gift Packages:

Wild Mayan Rapture 

If you like a little sweet and a touch of hot, then this is your combo. Wild Mayan Rapture consists of a 12 oz jar of Aseda Wild Honey. Since the bees pollinate shay trees, the casabah fruit, and some cocoa, the deep dark honey has a smoky-tasting flavor ‘unlike any other on the planet.’ Adding to the distinction of hue is the fact that Ghana is the closest land mass to 0′ degrees longitude and latitude on Earth); The gift set also comes with an organic cacao Mayan Heat Bar that packs a cayenne and cinnamon punch. Topping those off is a 3 X 3.5 inch pure beeswax candle infused with patchouli and cassia essential oils to create an intoxicating aroma, appropriately named Rapture. Burn time 60 hours. Packaged in a box made in the USA out of 100% recycled material. ORDER YOUR GIFT SET TODAY!  If we run out of any of these items, we replace them with equal value. So if we run out of Mayan chocolate, we include another raw organic chocolate. email with questions .

 Light ‘Em Up Gift Set

There is something special, something almost primal, about the quality of candle light and what it does to the human spirit. Since ancient times, candles have been lit and given as gifts to ward off darkness during the shortest days of the year.

Big Dipper hand pours the purest beeswax blended with the finest essential oils to create a wonderful smelling, long burning, all natural candle. Light ‘Em Up Gift Set includes: Rejuvenation (Sweet Orange – Clovebud), a spicy, uplifting medley that revives and restores inner strength; Harmony (Lavender – Geranium) a calming, floral combination that promotes balance and relaxation; and Sensuality (Palmarosa – Geranium), a warm, floral aroma that relieves anxiety and sparks desire. Packaged in a box made in the USA out of 100% recycled material. ORDER YOUR GIFT SET TODAY!

Sweetness & Spark Gift Set

To wind down, light a rejuvenating candle infused with sweet orange and clovebud, and indulge in healthy sinless raw organic cacao. We offer the Resilience bar by Gnosis to gain immunity from the holiday choas. This vegan chocolate bar is blended with warming chai spices, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom to work—along with immune-boosting herbs—like echinacea and ginseng. Then heat things up with the Mayan Bar Cacao, combined with cayenne to increase metabolism, and help open the heart to warm you up during these winter months. Chipotle, cinnamon, and nutmeg round out the spice in this bar, adding extra benefits for digestion and cleansing. This is cacao prepared according to Mayan tradition, yet served in an entirely new form. Enjoy the fiery passion of the Sweetness & Spark Gift Set gift set! Packaged in a box made in the USA out of 100% recycled material. ORDER YOUR GIFT SET TODAY!

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