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By HoneyColony Staff

Like their fellow beekeepers across the country who are keenly aware that bees are dying by the millions, the beekeepers from Bee Bold Apiaries in New Jersey started a honeybee project in May to address waning numbers. The fruits of their labor: lots of honey on the rooftop of a local area hospital.

Their project speaks to the spirit of ingenuity and independence, and how small groups of people are resolved in their efforts to undo the damaging toll of commercial agriculture. While systemic pesticides continue to rain down on our food supply, disturbing microorganisms and insects alike, beekeepers stay busy coping with environmental challenges to produce some positive and sweet results.

As reported by News 12 New Jersey, “a Paramus hospital is trying to promote healthy eating and environmental awareness by producing honey from hives on its own roof. More than 140,000 bees reside in hives on the roof of Valley Hospital’s outpatient building in Paramus. Organizers say the effort is an experiment in sustainability.

Beekeepers say the insects, and the honey they produce, are important to human survival. Beekeeper Joe Lelinho says the overall honeybee population is declining. ‘We need the honeybee very badly,’ Lelinho says. ‘Every third bite of food is there only because of the honeybee.’

Beekeepers from Bee Bold Apiaries have been overseeing the honeybee project since May. The goal is to help the populations of both the bees and humans. Director of food and nutrition Dawn Cascio says it’s also good for the neighborhood, especially those with backyard gardens. ‘The bees fly within a two-mile radius of the hospital,’ Cascio says. ‘So, it can really help those gardeners pollinate whatever they’re growing in their yards.'”

Read more of the story here. 

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