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Forbidding the Chinese company Huawei from monopolizing 5G technology is more than a trade issue. It’s a way to prevent a national security threat. The use of Huawei equipment is banned from U.S. networks over concerns that it could be used by the Chinese government as a method to spy or disrupt telecom systems.

With that said, it’s also a threat to our health, but that was not even a discussion point. (More on that later). It’s more about warring, boys with toys and who has the biggest shlong.

China’s President Xi Jinping “is making a play for dominance” in key fields like artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and robotics, said Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, describing it as part of China’s imperialist policies, according to Bloomberg

Earlier this month, Zhengfei Ren, the CEO, and founder of Huawei offered an olive branch to the Trump administration.

Huawei is open to sharing our 5G technologies and techniques with U.S. companies so that they can build up their own 5G industry. That would create a balanced situation between China, the U.S., and Europe,” Ren told The New York Times.  

Huawei, an enormous telecom networking company and the world’s largest manufacturer of 5G networking equipment, has already been working with many American companies, including AT&T and Google. There are already a number of 5G deployments across the USA, with two providers being AT&T and Verizon. 

What Is The Ban On Huawei’s 5G Technology Really About?

The block has more to do with politics than it does with the fact that 5G threatens our wellbeing and safety. Hundreds of scientists worldwide are deeply concerned about the health impacts. Legal does not mean safe, and just turning your phone off isn’t the solution. 

In one corner, many believe that 5G technology will create a more connected world of faster downloads and “smart cities” that want seamless connectivity. Permitting Huawei to work with American companies would put the USA on par with European and Chinese industries. From this perspective, it would help the United States to remain one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Huawei’s 5G products are considered the “best” advanced beyond all their competitors. 

With Lucent now part of Nokia, and Qualcomm only producing 5G-compatible smartphone antennas and modems, there is currently no American manufacturer of 5G equipment. 

According to Zach Vorhies, senior Google software engineer of over eight years turned whistleblower, while 5G is the spectrum of old analog TV, the US removed the license to use it. This allowed Chinese companies, who had a monopoly on the cell phone tower equipment, to swoop in.

The Cell Owner Uproar

Now, Huawei’s users are deeply disappointed in the ban. Many have vented their frustrations on Twitter, including one user who wrote

Another tweeted:

The logic is that banning Huawei’s technology will help stop China from disrupting communication systems or spying on Americans. Ren claims that US companies would be allowed to modify or change the software codes to prevent this. However, this is not set in stone as any deal must first be approved by the Chinese government. The deal also does not guarantee protection against backdoors. 

“If this campaign is successful, we’ve demonstrated that [the President of China’s] whole narrative that China has created an alternative to the West is false,” says Christopher Johnson from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Google is now forbidden by the U.S. government from selling Android updates for Huawei phones. This means the latest Huawei model, Mate 30, will be released with its own operating system, Harmony OS. It will take some time before Harmony has the same range of functions as Google. In January 2018, government officials reportedly pressured both AT&T and Verizon to cancel plans to sell a phone from Huawei. Two months later in March, the FCC also proposed a measure to discourage U.S. wireless carriers from adopting the company’s networking technology.

Where Google Stands With Huawei And China 

This is already impacting Huawei’s bottom line as Google is now forbidden by the U.S. government from selling Android updates for Huawei phones.

“While we regret that Google did not want to continue a long and fruitful tradition of collaboration between the military and technology companies, we are even more disappointed that Google apparently is more willing to support the Chinese Communist Party than the U.S. military,” a letter from a group of Republican and Democrat lawmakers adds.

The Commerce Department granted a 90-day delay so essentials such as security patches could be sent. 

Google’s connections with China run far deeper than this. In 2017, Google set up a lab for AI research in Beijing, using a benign image of contributing to global technological advancement with “borderless” company policy. This is despite the Chinese internet being heavily censored by the “Great Firewall”. Zach Vorhies states that it is not just any AI lab, but the DeepMind Project: the “AI Manhattan Project”. 

5G Technology: What Does it Mean To Your Health And Physical Body? 

Beyond geopolitics, 5G is arguably dangerous. 

5G Antennas have much shorter ranges, making it easier to detect your location from the tower your phone communicates with. A connected-by-default device, which 5G technology allows, could be controlled remotely. This includes anything from smart refrigerators to self-driving vehicles. It isn’t just governments or corporations that you would have to worry about. For example, an abusive family member could track your location through your phone, or worse, take control of your car. If you are fleeing domestic violence, this would be extremely dangerous. 

The dangers of EMF radiation, or electrosmog, mean that 5G technology is harmful to everyone’s health. The EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 states that there are clear links between EMF exposure and illness. 

Studies show a link between EMF radiation and Alzheimer’s disease, some cancers, and male infertility. Less severe, but very common issues include fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration, headaches, depression, and flu-like symptoms. 

“The studies on the health effects of EMF radiation are just starting to come out, and it will be decades before we really see studies on the long-term impact on health,” says Kendra Whitmire, functional medicine nutritionist at Sunshine Nutrition & Wellness and HoneyColony contributor.

This is mostly due to the rapid changes in technology and the quick adoption of new tech tools. Just five to ten years ago, we were not surrounded by as much EMF radiation as we are now. Nor did we use as many devices. Because of that, we can only hypothesize the impact on our health over several decades of continuous low-dose exposure. It makes sense to take at least some small precautions against the potential harm of EMF. Especially, in individuals already sensitive to it or who have or are at risk of chronic disease.

EMF Alarm Increases

An increasing number of people are even developing hypersensitivity reactions. This means they are allergic to EMF after high levels of exposure. According to the guidelines, the best prevention and treatment is to limit the amount of EMF radiation in the environment. This is most important in and around essential services, including schools, hospitals, libraries, and public transport facilities. When our bodies can take enough of a break from EMF, hypersensitivity responses can be relieved or eliminated. Listen to this talk by Jeromy Johnson, on his own EMF sensitivity and the research backing up his experiences, to hear how extensive and heartbreaking this issue is:

While there are currently no safety studies on 5G, there is plenty of research documenting the dangers of EMF

First, even levels of EMF that fall within current safety guidelines still contribute to neurological problems, oxidative stress, genetic damage, and higher cancer risks. 

Second, if the goal of full 5G coverage is reached, nobody in mainstream society could take a break. Exposure would be constant. Because of its short-range and poor penetration through solid materials, antennas would be installed in and around every several buildings, blanketing “fully covered” areas in 5G electrosmog. The Internet of Things would connect most, if not all, electronic items, giving people little escape. 

Third, 5G produces a more intense dose of EMF than we have previously seen. While 4G technology uses a frequency of 1900-2100MHz, 5G uses an estimated median bandwidth of 3500MHz. Higher frequencies cause more damaging effects. For example, when three different bands were tested, all raised oxidative stress but only the highest caused DNA strand breakages. 

5G Technology: What Can We Do About It?

Ultimately, the only sustainable solution to the impending 5G disaster is to boycott and ban the technology. It’s already starting to happen, with Brussels becoming the first major city to ban 5G. Celine Fremault, the Belgian minister for housing, quality of life, environment, and energy, has said she is not going to make an exception to Belgian safety standards. The Swiss regions of Geneva and Vaud have stopped the installation of all  5G towers, although existing ones will remain. 

In the USA, an increasing number of local governments are placing restrictions on 5G towers, such as where they can be built, or are calling for more research. Mill Valley in California’s Marin County has banned 5G tower deployments in residential areas; other cities in the county with similar restrictions include Ross and San Anselmo. 

Unfortunately banning Huawei won’t stop the march of 5G: rivals include Samsung, which had already installed 53,000 individual base stations as of April 2019 in South Korea alone. According to the Ookla 5G Map, there are 48 deployments in the USA at the time of writing, with South Korea’s thousands of base stations the equivalent to 181. 5G deployments require more base stations, as they have shorter ranges and need to transmit more data faster. 

Big Tech is planning to launch 20,000 satellites that beam focused 5G signals strong enough to penetrate buildings and human bodies, putting everyone near compatible devices at risk. Even if your town bans 5G towers, a visitor with a phone or car that uses the frequency could still bring the potent electrosmog with them. 

Self-Protection For All Frequencies

It is still a good idea to limit your exposure to electrosmog even if 5G is banned in your area. Besides turning off Wi-Fi and fuses at night, grounding can reduce the harms of EMF. Grounding or direct contact with the earth (e.g., going barefoot) allows electrons to flood our bodies and protects against the oxidative effects of EMF. It can be strong enough to cut the received voltage by a factor of 70 when the body is exposed to an AC electric potential! Himalayan salt lamps also emit protective negative ions, ensuring protection regardless of the weather. 

You can also purchase RF shielding products including paint, drapes, and blinds, as well as Wi-Fi router guards that block most electrosmog. 

These aren’t just a scam targeting the “tinfoil hat” market. A case series of 64 people with various autoimmune disorders who wore shielding caps made of bamboo and silver-coated polyester fiber found that 90 percent experienced a “definite” or “strong” improvement in their symptoms. 

5G technology will be one of the biggest health challenges of modern times. Unless, of course, we put an end to it before too much damage is done. We at HoneyColony urge you to use the information provided here to prove to your elected officials that this technology is dangerous and that we are not willing guinea pigs. 

Concerned about your area? Here are 10 ways to act against the 5G rollout, including letter templates and how to spread the word:

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