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By Maryam HeneinHoneyColony

Let’s stand up and cheer folks. We the people are slowly being heard and affecting change. Los Angeles is considering a ban on the cultivation, sale, and distribution of genetically modified organisms, which would make Tinseltown the largest GMO-free zone in the US.

Food Revolutionaries such as Michael Pollen and Jeffrey Smith, documentaries such as Vanishing of the Bees, Forks Over Knives, and Food Inc. combined with the collective has forced public knowledge, instigated dialogues, and spread awareness.

When Vanishing of the Bees came out in 2010, nobody knew about “powerful new pesticides” known as systemics. Today Los Angeles City Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell is explaining to the press how these poisons are incorporated into plant DNA via genetic engineering and devastating bees. It’s a two-one punch by Bayer CropScience and Monsanto.

The motion will impact the cultivation, sale, and distribution of genetically modified seeds, yet we’re still on our own when it comes to processed shit containing GMO ingredients. The ban would nonetheless be an awesome first step toward progress.

The ban would primarily impact local gardens like the Learning Garden in Santa Monica and city-grown foods. This in turn will protect honeybee sanctuaries run by organizations such as HoneyLove.

Just earlier this week, an international group of more than 90 scientists, academics, and physicians released a statement stating that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs for humans, as proponents like Monsanto attest.

Los Angeles has declared itself against GMOs. It’s a relevant local step in the global politics of agri-business.

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Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, professional researcher, and producer of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees.

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