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Science fiction writers have long cloaked us in HazMat suits lined with oxygen tanks to survive a stripped-down, parched Earth afflicted by years of human neglect. Could toxic, un-safe sunscreens also be to blame? 

Despite how alien our surroundings become or how far out of sync our biology drifts, once we’re suited up and deep breathing, we won’t look as good as Sandra Bullock or George Clooney surviving outer space. We’re managing a number of poisons, and the one organ that is processing each and every toxin is our skin. safe sunscreen

Sunscreen often becomes the de facto life shield, as 2 million more Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year.

Melanoma, affecting both the skin and the eyes, is not only the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer, but it’s also the most prolific, charting a meteoric 300 percent rise in the past 35 years. safe sunscreen

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Could Unsafe Sunscreen Be the Problem, Not the Solution?

Speculation about what’s causing this widespread disease run far and wide: carbon emissions, food toxins, chem trails, chemical overload, and environmental factors show ongoing disruptions to our ecosystem. safe sunscreen

The Environmental Working Group, which recently issued a report on the topic, confirms that roughly 500 sunscreen products either contain toxic ingredients or, based on consumer expectations, underperform.

The key to navigating the sun is to understand that skin cancer cannot be combated by sunscreen alone. Considering the multiple factors that likely contribute to its incidence (and the sharply increasing melanoma death rate among white American men, the highest risk group), the most effective response is a comprehensive health regimen.

This includes eating foods that help protect you from the sun and are high in chlorophyll; consuming anti-fungal and anti-bacterial bee products like raw honey, bee panacea, and royal jelly, drinking ample amounts of water, limiting exposure to direct sunlight, and wearing protective clothing and safe sunscreen can all make a major difference.

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