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By HoneyColony Staff

All that glitters is not gold. In the case of Monsanto their genetically engineered seeds have not lowered the use of herbicides as promised. Matter of fact, Roundup, the trademarked Monsanto glyphosate herbicide, has helped breed a new ‘super weed.’

This super weed, Italian ryegrass, is showing Roundup who’s the new sheriff in town. You actually need multiple dosage of Roundup to take get rid of the Italian ryegrass, causing our environment even more harm!

Mississippi farmers are finding that, “to combat the plague of resistant Italian ryegrass, Mississippi’s cotton farmers must hit their fields with a “residual” herbicide in the fall — meaning one that hangs around in soil long enough to kill ryegrass for a while — and then come back with yet another herbicide in the spring, to make sure the job has been done.”

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