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The chronic illness plague has reached staggering proportions, yet are hardly addressed in popular media. It’s come to the point where we have to understand what is really going on in order to make a serious commitment to our health and future.

In 2013, the Global Burden Of Disease Study, a massive investigation on the propagation of chronic disease, revealed for the first time that up to 95 percent of the population is sick from a spectrum of chronic conditions. This is unexampled in human history and has taken place only in the last 80 years.

How is the medical industry addressing this historic plague?

Modern doctors prescribe medication that only treats symptoms, making the patients feel better momentarily, however, the disease itself continues to progress (since root issue is never addressed)  — thereby maximizing the profits for pharmaceutical companies.

While alternative medicine is an attempt to go back to the roots of healing, using natural substances to help the body heal itself, studies show increasingly that the bulk of this “empiric” healing method is not as functional as previously believed.

Both modern and alternative medicine are missing a key component in providing a functional healing solution. Namely, the ability to measurement of our bio-individuality. We’re all unique and therefore need individualized treatment.

A disease (whether it’s autoimmune, cancer, diabetes, obesity, or mental conditions like depression) involves different cumulative factors that depend on individual biochemistry, diet, environmental factors, and how nature and nurture has shaped each person biochemically. Therefore, one medication (whether it’s a drug or a herb) that works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for the other, even if two patients have the same disease or similar symptoms and lifestyle. This is the reason for the evasive hunt for functional healing solutions. Getting cured is a lucky draw, unless we truly understand the individual biochemistry.

Metabolomic medicine is changing this paradigm, with a fundamental insight that dates back all the way to Hippocrates, who once said that “food is thy medicine,” but also realized that how we process the foods are highly individual. Functional nutritional healing is highly individual.

The real nutritional value of today’s food supply is 2% percent of what it used to be a century ago thanks to soil erosion, processing methods, and commercialization of our food supply into “food products” rather than real food. Scarce with nutrition, high in sugar content, and packed with over 80,000 industrial chemicals (from pesticides to industrial preservatives) stress our biochemistry with a cumulative attack.

Bottom line: the chronic lack of nutrients, environmental toxins, and multiple other stress factors has laid waste to our well-being.

HoneyColony’s mission is to help shift this paradigm and empower people to heal themselves naturally. Health is our birthright. That’s why we have partnered with the leader in metabolomic medicine to make the first healing solution customized to individual biochemistry more readily available. The success rate of this approach is unprecedented in modern medicinal history.

Metabolomic medicine uses highly accurate molecular blood tests to determine the individual deficiencies and overloads in the body, enabling people to address the actual root cause of disease. By leveraging a custom-tailored nutrition and supplementation plan, this new emerging science shows an 80 percent success rate observed in the first six months of treatment on a wide spectrum of chronic illnesses.

While metabolomic medicine has already taken Europe by storm, we’re providing HoneyColony’s members with access to the first U.S.-based test kits by November of this year.

Our partner in this endeavor is Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine, a Harvard medical doctor, researcher, educator, author (How To Live 150 Years In Health), and world leader in the field of Metabolomic Medicine (you can find his story here).

Here is how you can be part of the new paradigm

  • Sign up for new information on upcoming test kits, procedures, and customized supplementation programs here.
  • Discover the first metabolomically formulated supplementation, Natural Doctor, here.

Natural Doctor supplements have been formulated based on blood analysis feedback from over 15,000 metabolomic customers. As such, they are the first in the world that have been developed based on functional results, addressing complete pathways.

An individually customized supplementation and nutrition plan based on the most advanced molecular tests available to date. The Metabolomic Analysis Profile test is carried out in blood and urine samples and in collaboration with one of the 5 top laboratories of its kind in the USA and Europe. The test has the highest technical standards required to carry out an exam certified by the European Research Network for Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited disorders of Metabolism (ERNDIM, the scientific institution with the highest laboratory standards worldwide) and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Sign up for updates and information on these tests today, as we will have highly limited availability in the first phase. If you’re interested in a more thorough study on metabolomic medicine, read the story on the discovery and development of the field here.

Spread the news about Metabolic medicine.  It’s time to tackle the chronic illness plague for real and empower the human body to heal itself.

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