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Monsanto Marijuana in a dispensary near you? In a plot twist straight out of an apocalyptic thriller, monster corporations Bayer and Monsanto are set to merge by the end of 2017 to form one behemoth of a criminal, er, chemical enterprise. As if that isn’t frightening enough, there is evidence that a takeover of plant medicine is next on the global domination agenda, with plans to bring Frankenweed soon to a town near you.

Monsanto has not and is not involved in GMO marijuana,” says Charla Lord, a representative for the deeply dishonest seed company. She further directs us to their website’s GMO answers where it is explained in even less detail that speculations about genetically modified cannabis are just an “urban legend.” Phew, what a relief.

The $66 billion buyout of agricultural giant Monsanto by pharmaceutical giant Bayer is the largest cash deal on record, and ushers in a new era of massive biotech corporate consolidations (also known as centralization of power and demise of humanity).

The perilous partnership results in an unprecedented monopolization of the world’s food supply (fake, GMO food), placing 29 percent of the world’s seeds and 24 percent of the world’s pesticides in their greedy talons.

Match Made In Hell

A perfect match-made-in-hell, Monsanto and Bayer enjoy many of the same activities, such as poisoning humanity and lying through their teeth. In fact, these two illicit lovers have been in bed together for decades, trading genetic mutation codes while exchanging recipes for their favorite chemical cocktails. Swoon.

Some of Monsanto’s most notable contributions to society are agent orange, DDT, PCB, dioxin-based pesticides, aspartame, rBGH (genetically engineered bovine growth hormone), Roundup (glyphosate) herbicides, and Roundup Ready crops (seeds genetically engineered to withstand glyphosate).

In just one of their many crimes against humanity, Monsanto was fined 700 million dollars for intentionally polluting an economically deprived Alabama town with deadly PCBs, which earned them this glowing review by the courts: “So outrageous in character and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency so as to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society.”

Not to be outdone, Bayer’s rap sheet is just as impressive as Monsanto’s, though perhaps even more sinister (surely not possible!), considering their genocidal connections to Nazi Germany where they supplied Hitler with the world’s best chemicals and toxins for warfare and gas chambers. The Nazi’s in turn lent them free slave labor for their work factory located inside the Auschwitz death camp compound. Bayer’s top sociopaths, I mean scientists, even moonlighted for the Nazis and were the very same people who performed the most gruesome human experiments imaginable.

In fact, German-owned Bayer (at the time operating under the flagship corporation IG Farben) was so instrumental in the Nazi war effort that the 1946 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal concluded:

The Second World War would simply have not been possible without them. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to daylight and if they are not punished, they will pose a much greater threat to the future of peace in the world than Hitler if he were still alive.”

And here they are, 75 years later threatening peace in the world with their deliberate poisons (see HIV-tainted products, heroin for children, Ciproxin, Baycol/Lipobay, and GMOs). But who could have guessed?

Both companies are also contributing significantly to the world’s rising epidemic of chronic diseases due to environmental poisoning through pesticides.

In 2013, the Global Burden Of Disease Study, a massive investigation on the propagation of chronic disease, revealed for the first time that up to 95 percent of the population is sick from a spectrum of chronic conditions, some apparent, some not, but overall progressing for the worst. This is unexampled in human history and has taken place only in the last 80 years.

Let’s just say, the Monsanto-Bayer merger sucks. Really, really, super sucks. But, when you have the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and every other government “protection agency” (yeah right) in your filthy rich pockets, sucking is of little concern.

Let’s Play Connect The Dots

Since words like “transparency” and “ethics” are totally foreign concepts to the Monsanto-Bayer enterprise, it requires a game of connect the dots to put two and two together. We can also think of it like a game of chess, as these heartless companies strategically position themselves all over the board (our world) to remove the opposition. (Maybe we should ask ourselves, who is the opposition? Please see agent orange, PCB, GMO, etc.)

Soros, Uruguay, And Legalease

We begin with one of the usual suspects, notorious billionaire pseudo-philanthropist, George Soros, a major Monsanto shareholder (Soros currently owns more than 632,000 shares of Monsanto, valued at over $75 million) and founder of the Drug Policy Alliance and Open Society Foundation which work tirelessly (i.e., spends a ton of money) for legalization efforts around the world.

The Drug Policy Alliance is credited with having a heavy hand in the successful legalization of the marijuana trade in Uruguay, as well as being a key player in U.S. legalization efforts.

“Monsanto is a publically held company and their shareholders cannot be put at risk at any time, so it has to be legal,” says Michael Straumietis (aka Big Mike), founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients. Straumietis constantly warns the marijuana community about the dangers of a corporate-cornering of cannabis: i.e. Monsanto marijuana:

“Companies like Monsanto and Bayer, they have the most brilliant scientists working for them. Uruguay is the perfect place for them to do their research where it is 100 percent legal and doesn’t put their shareholders at risk.”

OK, are you with me so far? Monsanto, through Soros through Drug Alliance Policy and through other nonprofits, is heavily pushing for the legalization of marijuana so they can enter the market all proper-like. This has already happened in Uruguay where their research labs are said to be located.

They need things to be legal (not to be confused with moral) so their upstanding, law-abiding shareholders, such as notorious eugenics and Agenda 21-supporting Bill Gates and Soros can rake in billions of dollars legally, and receive biased (but legal!) government grants and corporate tax loopholes. It’s all just so very legal, you know?

Got To Stop Your Evil Ways, Baby

“Bayer has bought Monsanto and Bayer is also a distribution arm for GW pharmaceutical,” says Straumietis. “We also know that Scott’s (Miracle-Gro) is working with Monsanto because they are a distribution arm for Roundup.”

As reported on Disclose TV, “Monsanto has long had an intimate business relationship with a company called Scott’s Miracle-Gro, which has been aggressively pursuing the marijuana industry in American states where the drug has been legalized or decriminalized. The company’s CEO, Jim Hagadorn, has previously expressed his intention to spend $500 million buying portions of the marijuana industry in the United States until he has established a monopoly in the country.

It is suspected that Bayer will have a role to play in this plan. The German company does a lot of business with the United Kingdom-based company named GW Pharmaceuticals which grows cannabis plants and produces marijuana-based medicines. This connection has naturally led to some suspecting that Monsanto and their corporate allies are intending to move into the European marijuana market.

Currently, GW pharmaceuticals is on a cannabinoid monopoly mission, applying for multiple CBD patents to treat everything from epilepsy to brain cancer. As usual, the FDA is giving them the go ahead on their scheme to synthesize and patent this powerful natural herbal remedy.

Monsanto Marijuana: Buy Up The Competition

A front group for Scotts Miracle-Gro recently purchased General Hydroponics, Botanicare, and Gavita. Other major hydroponics companies report they have also been offered takeover bids by Scotts Miracle-Gro, or its “Hawthorne” front companies.

Monsanto and Scotts are purchasing rare landrace cannabis strains from well-known marijuana seed companies.

“Two major seed companies in Amsterdam have sold portions of their libraries or all of their libraries to GW (pharmaceutical) and Monsanto,” says Straumietis.

Patents Galore

Here’s a shocker for you: “Pharmaceutical” company Bayer already owns more patents on GMO seeds than “agricultural”company Monsanto (nearly twice as many, actually). They even have patents for genetically modified trees for fake’s sake! (excuse my French).

“Bayer holds the patent for Crispr technology for plants,” says Straumietis. “That’s important because Crispr technology can go in and genetically modify the plant any way they want.”

Crispr technologies involves a slightly different process of genetic mutation where no foreign genes are used. However, it is still a genetic distortion and is very bad for health and environment. Corporations are hoping to circumvent GMO labeling laws and bad publicity with this catchy new name. Clever, eh?

As reported in Big Buds Magazine:

The corporate interests and immense political power of Bayer, Monsanto, and Scotts Miracle-Gro, enforced by the World Trade Organization and international patent law, could result in corporate ownership of marijuana seed stock, prohibition of cannabis growers producing their own strains, GMO marijuana, and decrease in the number of cannabis strains available.

The corporate goal is to ban individuals and small growers from growing their own cannabis so that we are forced to buy subpar mutated chemical versions sold as “pharmaceutical” products like Monsanto marijuana. At exorbitantly high prices, of course.

Monsanto Marijuana: People, Unite!

What can we do to stop Bayer, Monsanto, and Scotts Miracle-Gro?

Straumietis suggests the following tactics:

  • Make marijuana seeds and store them properly.
  • Boycott General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Gavita, and any other company that does business with Scotts Miracle-Gro, Monsanto, or Bayer.
  • Boycott marijuana seed companies that sell genetics to Monsanto.
  • Boycott anyone who sells Scotts Miracle-Gro and other corporate products.
  • Don’t use Roundup or any other product made by Bayer, Scotts Miracle-Gro, or Bayer.
  • Don’t use products containing GMOs.
  • Join with groups that oppose criminal corporations and GMOs. Go here for more information.
  • Read this book.
  • Grow your own marijuana, breed it, and increase its legality.
  • Learn about the beneficial uses of plant medicine.

Daisy JeanDaisy Jean is a freelance writer who lives with her fabulously feral family deep in the woods on a little piece of land we call Serenity. Read about our off-grid extreme homesteading (mis)adventures on her blog.

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