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Author name: Daisy Jean

MRSA: Superbugs, A Super Business At Our Expense

The CDC estimates 23,000 people a year in the U.S. die from antibiotic-resistant infections, like MRSA, and other nightmare superbugs. “Hospitals make three and a half times more money if they infect people. That’s why they don’t want to screen.”

Dismantling The Monsanto Marijuana Connection

Behemoth seed company Monsanto denies its pending merger with Bayer has anything to do with a GMO marijuana monopoly. But rumored research labs in Uruguay and convenient patent connections suggests something evil is afoot.

10 Ways To Triumph Over Trumphobia

All Trumped up and nowhere to scream? Relax. Breathe deeply. Here are some anxiety-busting tips that can help when there isn’t a change of administration.

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