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By Farhad Mansour, Buzzworthy Blogs

This product was developed several years ago from a fundamental need to care for my dog while driving. I was driving one hot evening two years ago and I saw my dog panting and thirsty in the back seat. I was in traffic and could not stop. I thought, I wish I had a food and water bowl in my car that did not spill and stayed stationary. This was when the idea of Pooch Tray was developed.

I went to work through trial and error to design and then make a usable prototype of the Pooch Tray. The idea flourished from my love for inventing products that are not only safe but practical. The Pooch Tray connects to the back head rest of any vehicle. It has a (Bisphenol A) BPA-free food and water bowl as well as BPA-free refill containers for each. This allows the bowls to get hot in your vehicle and not leach any harmful toxins into your pet’s food or water.

The bowls are developed much like a washing machine so that no matter how much the car moves the food and water will stay contained in their bowls. This allows your pets to be in a car for hours and travel on long trips with ample food and water.

The Pooch Tray is also versatile. It can be easily detached from your car and taken into the home to use as your daily food and water bowl.

Health and nutrition has become increasingly popular today for not only us but our pets. I try to buy organic, hormone and gluten free as much as possible. I do the same for my dog in choosing the healthiest dog food I can find with natural ingredients that won’t break my wallet. Pooch Tray will also be a healthy and safe choice for your pet.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and many mistakes to invent and develop a product.

I became an entrepreneur and designer at a very young age. I started with a love for drawing and art classes at five years old. By 12 , I was setting up soccer tournaments and leagues for a player fee and running games. I designed and drew my own flyers and posters. At 15 my parents divorced and I needed to make money to help out my mom. I had my own business as a DJ in high school and then designed and ran my own clothing line selling to local LA stores in my twenties.

I was always drawing, inventing, and looking for solutions to problems by thinking of products that people could use. This brought me to designing and developing the Pooch Tray and three other patents I am working on. My long-term goal is to make my living inventing and selling my products. I am hoping Pooch Tray can be launched through social media, my website PoochTray.com, pet magazines and conscientious websites like HoneyColony.

Farhad Mansour is the inventor of The Pooch Tray. He has resided in Los Angeles since 1997. He is the president/owner of Mansour Entertainment/Lost Angeles Clothing. He currently has three patents pending and two products on the marketplace. Farhad has an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and a degree in Animation/Industrial Design. Watch a clip of Pooch Tray here.

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