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Some 34 million Americans are at least 20 percent over their ideal weight and this can contribute to a wide variety of problems including heart disease, diabetes, and lethargy. Natural weight loss could be the solution but keep in mind what is ideal for your body and don’t be overly influenced by unhealthy images that fashion magazines promote. The key is to be healthy, not necessarily “skinny.” Here are seven tips for getting to a healthy weight naturally.

1. Beat Cravings

Cravings are more likely to occur when you’re hungry. When craving sweets, choose a naturally sweet fruit such as an apple, instead. Craving sweets may be an indication that your body really needs more protein or is dealing with a sugar addiction. A dose of bitter herbal tincture (available at natural products stores) can help dispel a sweet craving. Avoid chemical sweeteners also since they can actually cause you to crave more sweets by upsetting blood sugar levels.

Craving salty foods like chips may indicate that your body needs minerals such as those found in sea vegetables.

When craving fats, a daily tablespoon daily of hemp seed oil gives the body beneficial essential fatty acid that can help emulsify fat. Most cravings will pass within a few minutes.

Find ways other than food to nourish yourself. Consider the sensual delights of a warm bubble bath, a massage, reading a great novel, or walking in a beautiful environment. Make a list of all the alternative ways to bring nurturing enjoyment into life, besides food, and start doing them. Taking a few deep slow breaths may help also. This will help you rebalance your thoughts and energy and ward off impulses that can harm you.

Keep a food journal of what you eat and drink for a week to gain insight about what your diet really looks like. Keep a weekly shopping list and stick with it. Avoid the aisles in the grocery store that are off your diet. Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Slow Down

Too often mealtime is a rush and continuation of the stress in our daily lives. Before eating, serve yourself, rather than eating out of containers. Serve portions directly to your plate and avoid country style platters on the table. Sit down, relax, look at your food, and say a blessing or take few deep breaths to help get calm.

It takes the average person about twenty minutes for their brain to receive the message that it is satisfied. Put the fork down between bites and avoid eating while reading or watching TV. This will help you be more aware of what your body is telling you. Some people find using a smaller plate and a cocktail fork or chopsticks reminds them to appreciate each bite.

3. Sea Vegetables

For centuries many slender cultures have recognized that sea vegetables are an important source of nutrition. Their natural iodine content nourishes the thyroid gland which governs metabolism, thus improving the rate at which our digestion functions. Kelp and dulse can be added to many dishes and can reduce the amount the salt used to flavor food.

4. More Veggies

Start each meal with a salad. Consider having your entrée with salad rather than an empty carbohydrate such as pasta, mashed potatoes, or white rice. Have lunch, rather than dinner, as the main meal since your body requires fuel more at midday than at night. Right after dinner, floss and brush your teeth to discourage any more food cravings. If you feel the urge to eat something choose an apple or raw carrot.

5. Exercise

Exercise is essential in any natural weight loss program as it warms the body, improves digestion, and helps produce endorphins to improve mental outlook. Take up a craft that keeps your hands busy and out of the pretzel bowl: try knitting, sewing, woodworking, origami, beading, or embroidery.

6. Supplements For Natural Weight Loss

A heaping teaspoon of psyllium husk stirred into water or a handful of freshly ground flax seeds daily will cause you to feel full and help lubricate the body. When using these foods, consume plenty of fluids since they increase risk of constipation.

Meratrim® is a plant extract blend composed of Sphaeranthus indicus, the East Globe Indian Thistle, and Garcinia mangostana, also known as mangosteen. A study showed that within eight weeks of supplementation Meratrim® reduced body weight, BMI, and waist circumference when combined with a diet and exercise plan.

Capsimax™ capsicum extract is a capsule form of premium, highly concentrated natural capsicum fruit extract manufactured from hot red peppers. A 1999 study showed red peppers decrease appetite and subsequent protein and fat intakes in females and energy intake in males. Additionally capscium helps manage appetite and induces thermogenesis to support a healthy metabolism for calorie burning.

A 12 week study showed Zychrome®, a patent-pending chromium complex, provided a 30 percent reduction in fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes your body to improperly convert the food that you eat into energy to fuel your cells, which in turn builds up fat deposits in the body.

Sinetrol is a patented weight loss ingredient formulated from Mediterranean citrus. Research shows flavanoids present in Mediterranean citrus are a catalyst for molecular changes that help support cellular fat removal. During a 12-week trial, participants were able to shed 5.8 pounds, reduce body fat by 6.6 percent, and drop two inches from their waist.

Drinking room temperature pure water with the juice of some lemon squeezed into makes it a natural diuretic. Additionally, the slight sour taste will improve liver function andaid fat metabolism. Avoid carbonated beverages, which are high in sodium and can cause fluid retention.

7. Herbs For Natural Weight Loss

There are a multitude of herbs that can help natural weight loss. Burdock and dandelion root stimulate bile production, enabling fat breakdown. Nettles are used traditionally to break down cellulite. Chickweed contains natural lecithin, which helps fat metabolism. Fennel seeds are delightfully sweet and help curb the appetite by stabilizing blood sugar levels. For centuries Italians have combined chickweed and fennel as an aid to staying trim despite their wonderful tempting foods. Not only is parsley rich in flavor and nutrients, it helps prevent water weight.

From the spice shelf we have a number of herbs known as “thermogenic,” meaning they help the body to produce heat and burn calories. They usually have a warming nature, improve circulation, and aid digestion. Herbs that fit in to this category include cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, and cardamom.

The Ayurvedic herb Gurmar (also known as Gymnema sylvestre) has long been used to treat obesity. Gurmar means “sugar destroyer.” When one chews some gurmar and then places sugar on the tongue, the sweet taste is eliminated in a few seconds. Much research is being done on this and the findings are that it improves glucose utilization.

Garcinia cambogia, a fruit from a South Asian tree, inhibits the body from turning carbohydrates into fat. It also helps to alleviate hunger and lower cholesterol production. It contains hydroxcitric acid, similar to the citric acid found in oranges and grapefruits.

Your local health food store carries herbal combinations in tea, capsule, and tablet form that can used along with a good diet and exercise program that can help you let go of unnecessary weight.

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Natural Weight Loss

Final Thoughts On Natural Weight Loss

Clean out the basement, closets, and cupboards. Get rid of what you don’t need (make some charity happy or have a yard sale) and let this be a metaphor for getting lighter in your life.

Start a piggy bank and save what you would spend on a soda, latte, or candy bar. Use the money to buy new clothes or donate to a food bank. Choosing natural weight loss can be an opportunity to pay more attention to yourself and bring about better health to all aspects of your person. Set goals for yourself and use this as an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle that can add years and joy to your life.

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  1. This is a useful article – but only for those who are not – of necessity – taking allopathic, chemical drugs. It would be really helpful if notes on contra-indications were included. It is absolutely no use saying “ask your doctor” as they will not have a clue whether it is safe to take Garcinia if you are taking a beta blocker.

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