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Most of us have heard that a diet with reduced salt intake is healthy and all salt is created the same … Nothing could be further from the truth!

Why Did Salt Get Vilified?

Studies carried out in the late 70s implicated salt as the cause of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. For decades we’ve been told this natural mineral should have a limited place in out diet. But newly found evidence shows that these studies were designed incorrectly, and the conclusions drawn arbitrarily.

Without salt it would be impossible for life to exist — it is as important as oxygen and water. 

Sufficient amounts are required for our immune system and adrenals (glands located above the kidneys that produce adrenaline and cortisol) to cope with difficult conditions. Additionally, this miracle mineral aids in transporting nutrients through our cells, regulates blood sugar, and supports the sodium-potassium exchange to allow efficient communication between muscles and the brain. Even salt caves — an ancient healing method — have gained popularity as more people begin to understand the power of iodized air.

A History of Value

In ancient times, salt was highly valued and used as currency for trade. Hippocrates (450 BC.) was the first to recognize its healing properties. He used it to treat infections, congestion, and other diseases. Paracelsus (1500 A.D.) wrote that humans require the mineral and that without it everything would have disintegrated. 

Salt taxes were implemented throughout various countries and regions in order to provide governments with a mineral, that was once as valuable as gold.

In the past, during wars, salt reserves were targets for armies. Destroying facilities rendered the opposing force unable to effectively treat wounds, preserve meat, and increased the chances of deficiency. Deficiency led to gastrointestinal problems, cognitive impairment, and muscular spasms — all making soldiers less effective on the battlefield.

Refined Versus Unrefined

Natural non-refined sea salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements necessary for life, as opposed to refined salt that contains no beneficial minerals but does however contain additives — sodium ferrocyanide, ammonium citrate, and aluminum silicate — that have no positive impact on the body.

Salt is refined in order to increase its lifespan on the shelves. Refined salt consumption alters the body’s pH levels and increases acidity inside the body. The organs of our body (brain, immune system, liver, kidneys, etc.) cannot function properly when the acidity of the body increases.

Generally speaking, processed foods — from which all healthy substances, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been removed — increase the body’s acidity. When we eat these foods that have all their vital substances removed, our body is forced to use its own vitamin, mineral, and enzyme reserves to attempt efficient functioning. In the long run, this causes nutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases. Cancer and chronic diseases are two negative consequences of an acidic body since cancer cells develop better in an acidic environment.

Minerals are some of the most powerful alkaline (the opposite of acidic) agents in the body. Therefore, you should exclusively use unrefined natural salt in your diet.

Diets Low in Salt

Hypertension is the main reason a diet low in salt is recommended. Literature and practice, however, have shown little correlation between salt and hypertension. Only certain salt-sensitive patients have benefited from a diet that restricts the consumption of salt.

Research has shown that a diet low in salt is associated with a more than 400 percent increase of heart attacks in men! Diets with reduced salt intake increase insulin levels in the blood and insulin resistance, which is associated with cardiovascular diseases.

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Benefits Of Unrefined Salt

Natural, unrefined salt has many benefits, including:

  • Supporting and balancing adrenal glands
  • Supporting and balancing the thyroid
  • Keeping the nervous system healthy
  • Helping cells excrete their toxins
  • Helping the adrenals maintain normal blood pressure in the body
  • Supporting the detoxification of bromine with chlorine

By helping the biochemical systems of the body balance hormone levels and provide enough iodine and natural salt, which is low in the majority of people, we help the body function properly without annoying symptoms.

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Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, MD Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, MD is a medical doctor, researcher, educator, and author. He is the founder of Metabolomic Medicine, a complete health system that addresses the exact root causes of chronic and autoimmune diseases through the use of highly advanced cellular analysis such as Metabolomic Analysis and Telomeres Analysis. He is a bestselling author and his book “How To Live 150 years In Health” is translated in three languages English, Italian and Greek.
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