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As it has been with so much of traditional lore, the inherently erotic properties of olive oil lubricant were swept into the shadows by modernity and are only recently coming back to light. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were well-versed in the many benefits of olive oil and used it amply in sexy bedroom scenes. But as time passed, olive oil became relegated to kitchen use.

1. Opa: The Greeks Knew How to Live it Up

It’s well known that in the ancient Greek society, all forms of physical  pleasure were embraced. There’s a reason prostitution is legal there. Rather than censoring sexual deviations, they celebrated sexuality in all its forms – which can be seen in their prized art pieces. The amphorae and vases of that period depict vivid scenes of heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, group orgies, fellatio, and masturbation.  Many of them also depict other interesting details. Two vases/casks can be spotted the love making scenes, one filled with wine, the other with olive oil.

There’s no question where wine fits into the scene. But the olive oil? Well, it was the choice lubricant for sexual unions.

2. Soak it In

Anyone who’s had an essential oil massage knows how seductive olive oil can be. Rich and pungent, olive oil can be massaged deep into the pores, relaxing muscles, and loosening limbs.  So, when you’re getting exploratory in the bedroom, and don’t have a jar of Curious nearby, you can use all-natural olive oil lubricant. Its consistency is very close to natural lubrication, it’s edible, and it makes everything glide much more sensually.

3. Health Boost = Sex Boost

But olive oil’s role in enhancing our sex lives doesn’t just begin when the lights dim. It’s no secret that healthier people have healthier sexual appetites – and are better equipped to appease them, too.

Olive oil lubricant enhances one’s health in a plethora of ways. Rich in antioxidants, it’s good for the heart and has been proven to enhance the immune system. According to recent studies, the fatty acids in pure olive oil play an important part in various immune functions, by lowering immunological variables that induce mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Thus, it regulates the immune system and may also help treat some autoimmune diseases.

When used properly, olive oil lubricant combats inflammation, cancer, and diabetes. What’s more, it makes hair stronger and shinier and improves the health of your skin.  Improved mental agility has also been linked to olive oil. Plus, it keeps all the organs of the body running more smoothly.

Our Curious Intimate Massage features squalane derived from olive oil. In addition to its moisturizing properties and remarkable silkiness, squalane is also used in treating skin disorders such as seborrheia, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

4. Get the Blood and Juices Flowing

But there’s an even more direct correlation between internal ingestion of olive oil and a fuller sex life. Olive oil boosts blood circulation throughout the body — particularly, to our elusive erogenous zones.  Is it any wonder that Casanova, the most infamous lover in history, hailed from Italy – the land dripping in extra-virgin olive oil? Increased blood flow provides for more vigorous sexual experiences – and who doesn’t want that?

According to Julietta Capella, whose family has been making high-grade olive oil for years, “Everyone in Italy knows that olive oil induces more vigor and passion in the bedroom. The sex drive is stronger – and passions can be fulfilled on a deeper level.”

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 5. Olive oil Lubricant: An Aid for those Advancing in Age

Olive oil plays an even more pertinent role in the bedroom as we age. Women who go through menopause often notice a painful shrinkage in vaginal areas. This can be ameliorated through internal and external olive oil massages – an exciting task to embark on either alone or with a partner.

According to sex therapist, Rita Collins, “Many women think their sex lives are over after menopause, when sexual organs can morph into very unfamiliar appendages. But something as simple and pleasurable as a good olive oil massage can really put a woman back in touch with her body. I recommend women lather olive oil lubricant all over and within that region, on a regular basis, as an important step in getting back in tune with their bodies.”

Studies also prove that olive oil combats erectile dysfunction. The same dietary choices that lead to restricted blood flow in coronary arteries, which leads to heart attacks, and also restrict blood flow to and within the penis. Research shows that those who partake in the Mediterranean diet, which includes ample amounts of olive oil, experience much less issues with erectile dysfunction.

In a time where people will go to any extent to push the envelope and taste every form of pleasure, it’s important to get back in touch with the basics. You don’t need to do an illicit internet search or go to a seedy sex shop to get a case of extra virgin olive oil. It’s well-known that many olive oil companies that claim to be selling “extra-virgin” oils are a hoax, so make sure you research where your olive oil comes from.

Indulge in olive oil, the aphrodisiac of the ancients, and find yourself feeling at your prime, senses open to a storehouse of physical bliss.

Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about preserving the natural beauty and wonder of our bodies, this planet, and the world. She is the cofounder of Crunchy Buzz, a digital wellness marketing firm that serves the health and wellness industry.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Sweeten Your Sex Life With A Little Olive Oil Lubricant”

  1. The best thing about olive oil or scented aromatherapy oils is when you use them in an erotic massage. Believe me, I’ve tried it and it really spices up your sex life. I even went with my lover at Artemis Masaj – that’s an erotic massage parlor – to get things done by a professional. Really entertaining!

  2. I think you should mention in this article that olive oil (and other oils as well) can break down condoms.

  3. Yep… olive oil is a great lubricant. And there is a penis health creme available that you should use called Man1 Man Oil. It contains both Vitmain E and shea butter and will keep the penis skin extra smooth and moisturized. This will increase pleasure for all parties involved… it’s good stuff.

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