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I arguably got caught in the crosshairs of Operation Quack Hack via Alex Jones. But before I share that story, I can attest that I landed on Big Ag and Big Pharma’s radar in 2008 when I blew the whistle on Bayer Crop Science. The company’s systemic pesticides are at the heart of colony collapse disorder. Neonicotinoids, the main pesticide, are 5,000-10,000 times more toxic than DDT.

It was during my four-year shoot on the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page, that I realized how adulterated our food supply is and how wicked corporations are when it comes to their thirst for profits, and the lengths they will go to cover up the truth.

“If you expose Bayer, you better watch your tires,” a state entomologist in Florida told me while I was shooting Vanishing of the Bees. He went on to work for Monsanto, which has since been bought out by Bayer.

I did not know my research into what was killing honeybees would lead me to one of the biggest evil monoliths ever to exist. My film, which has been screened around the world and won several awards, has been instrumental in raising awareness about the use of Bayer’s neonic pesticides worldwide.

Up until I blew the whistle, I used to write for mainstream media outlets such as MSNBC, BBC, Maxim, The Hollywood Reporter, and Penthouse. Eventually, I started writing about food politics, Rockefeller medicine, and vaccine safety. Alas, in the past few years, because of censorship, some of my articles and interviews have been scrubbed from the Internet.

My Battle With Western Medicine

My personal journey as a health activist began before the bees flew into my life. In 2004, I was hit by an SUV, dragged 49 feet, and left with six broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, a major hip laceration, a smashed L1 vertebrae, a broken tailbone, and a fractured left femur which was eventually outfitted with a 14-inch titanium rod. Surviving that near-death experience, I found myself in battle with Western medicine. Because I was a Canadian where medical health is covered, I had no insurance and was not prescribed any physiotherapy. Due to the trauma, my body exploded with one health issue after the next. Four years later, I fought to remove the metal rod. I changed my diet. I studied nutrition along the way. Western medicine was nowhere to be found to help me.

After making Vanishing of the Bees, I ironically was a victim of a pesticide spray while attending an environmental film festival in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia.

In reality, my “chemical body burden” was off the charts, meaning I had been exposed to more toxins than my body could eliminate. However, my endocrinologist had no idea what I was talking about and simply prescribed drugs. She told me I would never improve and prescribed Cymbalta and prednisone which I never took. Through years of self-healing, detoxing, nutrition study, and experimenting with natural remedies, I reversed my autoimmune condition. In the meanwhile, I’d launched a health and wellness magazine and marketplace. Today, I am healthy and a certified functional medicine coach and consultant.

Google’s Role In Limiting Natural Health

Contrast my in-depth, alternative knowledge of healing with the more conventional approach practiced by most doctors and hospitals—variously referred to as the Rockefeller or AMA (American Medical Association) approach. Most U.S. medical schools even fail to provide the recommended minimum of 25 hours of nutritional education, in their four years of education. Holistic methods are rapidly gaining ground as the public increasingly clamors for more nature-based, gentler forms of healing—ways of knowing the AMA school of thought long ago expunged.

Pre-Covid, IBISWorld, a global economic research firm projected that revenue for the alternative health care market was expected to reach nearly $89.2 billion in the United States in 2016.

Our own revenue at HoneyColony jumped from $200,000 to one million dollars in sales in 2016 with the introduction of CBD sales, which we offered long before many other alternative entrepreneurs were selling this miraculous plant compound.

But then, along with others in the supplements space, we began feeling the wrath of what I call “technofascism.” Our company was shut down by all major processors, losing $250K instead of generating our projected revenue of three million. I referred to 2017 as The Year of Playing Whack A Mole. The following year, my company experienced a 76 percent plummet in traffic. I learned that Google eradicated organic searches and was burying health influencers and health-oriented websites via their “Medic Update.”

As I dove deeper, I discovered that Google, the most powerful search engine, is also a drug company with ties to The Decade of Vaccines. Google also uses mind control tactics. I was horrified. Soon after, I happened to come across Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies. I reached out to see if he could cement my findings, which indeed, he did.

Given my whistle-blowing big mouth, I am not surprised I wound up in the crosshairs of Operation Quack Hack.

Anonymous Tips, Smear Pieces, And Warning Letters

On or around April 11, 2020, while under lockdown in the jungle of Costa Rica, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies received an email from Alex Jones. He referenced an FDA letter, dated March 26, which mentioned a video I’d titled Coronavirus: Is This the Virus That Didn’t Cry, Wolf.  Zach, who was independently sponsored by Alex Jones at the time, had hired me to co-host/co-produce. On January 16, 2020, we filmed a man on the street on the Hollywood Walk of Fame about the coronavirus. I published the video on YouTube on February 9. My entire channel was deleted months later. The segment referred to taking silver to build your immune system. Ironically, I was plugging Alex Jones’ silver and not HoneyColony’s.

Four days later, the FDA launched an investigation into HoneyColony based on an “anonymous tip” according to Warning Letter #607346. The letter referenced an article where I dared to tell my audience that the best way to avoid the coronavirus was “prevention,” another word that the Ministry of Truth has seemingly expunged. The person I had hired to do our social media shared this information.

Later, I learned that Media Matters had published a piece entitled, An online “health” magazine with over 100,000 Facebook followers is selling colloidal silver as a coronavirus preventative.”

The mainstream media works hand-in-hand with the Medical Mafia, often writing smear pieces that then justify the supposed “anonymous tip.” In fact, Media Matters admitted that the warning letter was issued following their piece.

“The action comes after Media Matters reported on the company, whose site and founder have also frequently pushed dangerous conspiracy theories.”

Not only is that poor sentence structure, but it is also a flat-out LIE.

Faux Journalism

Writer Eric Hananoki smeared my company and me along with “right-wing media hosts” Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, and Wayne Allyn Root. In the article, Hananoki writes, HoneyColony,an online magazine and store headed by a conspiracy theorist [that’s me], has been trying to sell pricey colloidal silver products by falsely claiming that they can prevent the coronavirus.

For the record, we did not state that silver can cure coronavirus. We have been documenting the science of silver and selling it for more than seven years.

The Media Matters article went on to state, “On Twitter, Henein has written that silver is a coronavirus solution, along with links to her store.” For the record, my company has never claimed to be a solution for the virus. Rather, I stated that silver had kept ME off antibiotics after DECADES of urinary tract infections.

It is ironic to be called out by someone who parades as a journalist, hiding behind a nonprofit backed by professional propaganda machinery. Hananoki, who claims he is an “investigative reporter,” holds a degree in political science. Yet, he’s created a niche for himself writing hit pieces that help ruin people’s credibility and livelihoods. Bravo. He calls me a conspiracy theorist, which is kind of surreal when he is arguably spreading disinformation and conspiring to denigrate others.

Media Matters ended up writing a total of four smear pieces. Or maybe it was five. One followed a newsletter I’d titled “C*r*na V*r*S Is Not the Grim Reaper We Were Told,” to my 45K newsletter list. I thought I was having a private virtual conversation. It is suspected that my newsletter was accessed via Milled, a search engine for email newsletters.

In my newsletter, I wrote

The propagation of the virus is real and powerful, but a life-threatening situation is relevant only for people with compromised immune systems. This is why we need to focus on taking care of ourselves, sans the fear equation (which further compromises the immune system).

I also announced to my audience that Media Matters is a George Soros-funded lobbying organization. Liberal billionaire Soros has reportedly denied claims that he funds the left-wing media watchdog group, but he is listed on their page as a donor. And it’s been reported that Soros has donated at least one million dollars to the digital rag.

Smear Tactics

The FDA letter and smear pieces now come up first when you search HoneyColony or my name via Google.

Because Big Tech is now fully embedded with Big Pharma, websites like the FDA’s have all received online facelifts. If you are malicious, you can now easily tweet warning letters.

By the way, on May 6th, 2020, former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn called out my company. He was purportedly at home quarantining that week.

“I am honored you’re publicly shaming me on Twitter,” I replied. “Studies show, doctor, that silver can help the immune system.”

For the record, we have been selling these products since 2014. Furthermore, our magazine articles exercise freedom of speech and source links and cite experts.

The Medical Mafia had successfully managed to disrupt my company.  I certainly was not alone.

[Editor’s Note: This part 3 of a 5-part series on the FDA’s Operation Quack Hack: Medical Mafia vs. Medical Health Freedom Fighters

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