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By Mikayla Losier, Buzzworthy Blogs

One strong cause of stress and negative emotions for people living in North America is obesity! Yet, the main cause of obesity starts with emotions.

It’s time for everyone to know the truth about the power of our subconscious minds. Say what?

Let me explain this. A person who has been struggling with excess weight for many years is, more often than not, overweight because his or her mind has been programmed to keep the body to a certain weight that seems “appropriate.” As a hypnotherapist myself, who explores the subconscious minds of my clients, I can assure you that this is true.

For clients who come to me for hypnotherapy for other problems, there are usually only one or two “root causes,” such as an event in their childhood or in one of their past lives. Therefore, clearing the problem often only takes one to three sessions.

There are many root causes for those who have been overweight for a long time, because their minds have been putting every little negative emotion and problem into their guts instead of into an actual emotion. The mind decided that storing the emotion was a good way to deal with the problem, because it was simple for the mind to do and because it cannot know the difference between what is right and wrong, nor what is positive and negative. The mind just does what it is told to do, depending on the belief systems it has received throughout the years.

So, for overweight people who have tried eating healthier and exercising, and for whom this has done nothing but keep them at the same weight, exploring the subconscious mind with hypnotherapy is an effective way to reprogram the mind to reach and keep their ideal healthy weight.

Hypnotherapy is also very useful for those who cannot find the motivation to exercise or eat healthier, as well as for those who have difficulty giving up certain foods and/or ceasing certain bad habits.

With all the medications, diets and physical exercise programs out there that are not helping us reach our goals (or that are making things worse), I look forward to the day when everyone will know just how powerful our minds are, and how our goals, desires, positive emotions and health are manifested through our minds!

Mikayla Losier, from New Brunswick, Canada, is a trained Hypnotherapist, fully certified in all Basic Hypnosis, Master Hypnotherapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a proud member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Mikayla also holds a Bachelor with the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California and has been certified with the Training in Power Academy for empowerment and healing.

By having discovered how to heal herself with the help of a hypnotherapist, she now thrives to share her knowledge and studies with the world. Her practice is currently in Vancouver, BC, Canada with services both in English and French. Visit www.losierhypnotherapy.com.

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