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By Jayson Matthews, HoneyColony Original

Who knew that the negative effects of whey protein were many. Whey protein has long been the de-facto standard for seasoned athletes and wannabe weekend warriors looking to pack on muscle and boost their immune systems but – much like the voluminous supplement market as a whole – there’s a lot of misinformation out there about this complex protein.

Whey is composed of bovine blood proteins, serum albumen, lactalbumen, dead white blood cells and hormonal residues including estrogen, progesterone and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1).

A byproduct of cheese-production, whey shows up when a stomach enzyme called Renin is added to milk. When this happens, part of the milk clumps up to form curd proteins, while the rest of it leeches off into an odd yellowish mass collectively known as whey proteins. It’s hardly an appealing image, so maybe we can find Little Miss Muffet and ask her why she was eating this stuff…and also find out what the hell a tuffet is..

Meanwhile, many products on the market nowadays have about as much nutritional value as a sweaty gym sock so imagine the effects of way. Most of these cows are fed genetically modified soy and corn, as 80% of the production of GMO grains is for animal feed. Health food stores make a big issue of insisting on non-GMO foods for sale to the public, but what about second-hand GMO foods?

Now we send in the supplement companies, who usually proceed to boil and acid treat the stuff, dry it out, mix in chemical sweeteners like Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame K, sprinkle in a dash of artificial flavors, and top it all off with a hefty wad of preservatives so it can sit on a shelf until the cockroaches take over.

The craziest part about all this is that most people who eat a balanced diet already get plenty of protein naturally, and the hard science behind whey as a muscle-building tool (its biggest selling point) are questionable at best.


Instead of consuming milk coagulates, maintain your lifelong health quest by staying active, staying happy, and perhaps adding a nutritionally dense, totally vegan protein alternative like HealthForce Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus, Natural Vegan Protein, and Green Protein Elite MesquiteWe love the swift immune boost and extra protein they offer—without all the nausea, cramping, and farting that come with your average protein supplement.

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  1. Just for general information. A tuffet is a hummock of grass. What Miss Muffet was imbibing was the curds (which would normally be used to make cheese) as well as the whey and it was probably better than what is produced today- although to be honest not very appetising.

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