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by Lindsay Abrams

Big-picture, the disappearance of the honeybee will mean catastrophe for the global food system and economy. On a much smaller scale, it will mean the loss of a uniquely fascinating insect.

Explore.org has launched a live honeybee cam that uses infrared to let viewers look inside a surviving hive. In the past six years, 10 million others like it have been wiped out by Colony Collapse Disorder. This star-turned colony has settled inside a hollow log in small-town Germany, and are busy rebuilding after their honeycomb collapsed.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Another camera documents their comings and goings.

Video streaming by Ustream

It’s hard to read emotions on bees, but they seem pretty content to be doing their thing, perhaps even unaware that their entire species is under threat.

This article was written by Lindsay Abrams and published at Salon.

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