EMF Sol For Better Sleep – Better ZZZ’s

EMF Sol For Better Sleep – Better ZZZ’s


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EMF Sol For Better Sleep Better ZZZ’s is a convenient shielding device you slip underneath your mattress for extra protection while you sleep. If you have a metal mattress springs or a metal bed frame, getting better sleep is especially difficult. EMF Sol Better ZZZ’s is made of a proprietary mineral blend that captures and dissipates EMF raditation. Diminished EMF causes less harm to the body.

Health Benefits

The major benefits of shielding yourself with Better ZZZ’s are improved sleep and immunity.

Sleep Cycle Support

Protecting yourself from EMF radiation while sleeping is especially important. Research shows that long-term EMF exposure results in a chronic deficiency of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin levels are supposed to rise in the evening, and fall when the sun rises. Through taming EMF levels and usinf , you may be able to combat insomnia.

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it have protective effects of its own, but it can make your bodies’ other antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and catalase, more effective. The antioxidant benefits of melatonin may extend to Alzheimer’s disease. Not only does melatonin inhibit the development of the infamous beta-amyloid plaques that damage the brain, but sleep allows your brain to cleanse itself of toxins such as amyloid and metabolic wastes.

Immunity Through EMF Sol For Better Sleep

Restoring a healthy sleep cycle with EMF shielding can benefit your immunity, too. During the night, your immune cell counts peak, and they fall to their minimum daily levels in the early morning. This may be because they have the highest level of antioxidant protection from melatonin at night, but it gives way to immune-suppressing cortisol when the sun rises.

If your melatonin levels are low, cortisol remains high, dampening your immune response and tissue regeneration.EMF exposure also directly reduces your counts of immune cells. Both your non-specific and adaptive cell types are affected, which collectively protect you against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even cancer cells before they can take hold.

Fortunately, protecting yourself against EMF while you sleep may be very effective in restoring your immune system. One clinical study found dramatic improvements to immune cell function, which included the ability of natural killer cells to destroy cancer cells. Even better, through reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, volunteers’ biological age fell from an average of 61 to 49 in just two months.

Additional Notes:

  • To be used with a Home Harmonizer
  • DO NOT USE ON ADJUSTABLE BED, ONE WITH A GROUNDING MAT, or on any other bed that plugs in (to an outlet) in some way.  Instead use the Device Chip for those!
  • It is suggested to always have one of these under your mattress but it is super important when a bed has metal springs in the mattress or a metal frame

For Automobile Use: You can use the EMF Sol For Better Sleep as an alternative in the following way:

  • Place the Better ZZZ’s somewhere on the floor of the car/automobile as close as possible to (or touching) the metal car frame.  For example, one could place it under the passenger seat’s floor mat while also touching the thick bolts that secure the seat to the base of the car.
  • If you have an electric car, you should use either 2 Car Harmonizers, or 1 Car Harmonizer plus one Better ZZZ’s, or 2 Better ZZZ’s in the same way mentioned above.

Why We Love The EMF Sol For Better Sleep:

  • Set-and-forget way to recharge your immune system and cellular health at night
  • Great for apartment-dwellers to protect against neighbors’ Wi-Fi routers
  • Many report improved energy, sleep, and ringing in ears with regular use
  • Perfect for pregnancy, as your baby is more vulnerable to DNA damage
  • Terrific for people with titanium orthopedic implants, which increase EMF conduction
  • No need to worry about smart meters, solar panel and battery systems, or other EMF emitters that run 24/7
  • No family or share house arguments with night owls who work or study online while you’re sleeping
  • Small device that can conveniently fit under your mattress, or between two if you have a box spring
  • As a flat chip, you won’t feel it
  • You can use one (gas car) or two (electric vehicles) to protect yourself while driving
  • Extra protection when you need it the most

How To Use The EMF Sol For Better Sleep:

Better ZZZ’s is easy to start benefitting from. Just place it between your mattress and frame, or between mattresses if you have two! You can also keep one on the floor of your car.

Weight 10 oz

5.0″ x 5.0″ x 0.4″


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