EMF Sol Home Protection Bundle

EMF Sol Home Protection Bundle


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Protecting You At Home

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Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation is perhaps the biggest downside to the past century’s technological advancements. While none of us want to give up electricity, and Internet access allows us to work, study, and communicate with loved ones anywhere we want, taming EMF radiation is absolutely essential. EMF radiation can lead to cell damage, DNA fragmentation, fertility problems, psychological, biological, and behavioral issues. The EMF Sol Home Protection Bundl keeps your safe from EMF whenever you’re at home.

With dangers ranging from fatigue to Alzheimer’s disease and super-charged infections, you need to protect yourself against the negative side effects pf EMF. We need to go beyond rejecting the Internet of Things and 5G in our own homes.

What’s In The EMF Sol Bundle?

The EMF Sol Bundle gives you all the essential EMF Sol products:

  1. XL Home Harmonizer–guard your home against 5G, cell phone towers, smart meters and more!
  2. Device Chip–to tame the worst offenders in your home, such as internet routers and baby monitors
  3. Better ZZZ’s–additional protection while you sleep

XL Home Harmonizer

The XL Home Harmonizer is perhaps EMF Sol’s most important product, and the best home harmonizer. It’s designed to protect you and your home against external sources of EMF. These include 5G towers, cell phone towers of all frequencies, smart meters, solar panels, battery storage systems, electric car chargers, and even your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. The XL Home Harmonizer also shields from minor sources of EMF inside your home, i.e. lights or basic appliances.

Health Benefits

Shielding materials can be an effective way to reduce EMF exposure. Studies show that certain materials, such as silver or combinations of zinc and iron, absorb or deflect EMF away from your home.

Coming home to a low-EMF environment may have significant benefits to your immune system and biological age. You don’t need 24-hour protection, even eight hours of shielding can be enough.

A study using an EMF-blocking mattress found that just two months of sleeping on it every night improved antioxidant levels and dramatically reduced biological age. Volunteers’ average biological age, which is far more meaningful than age in years, fell from 61 to 49 years (their average age in years was 52). Although some aspects of modern life, such as lower smoking rates and reduced exposure to household air pollution have led to a higher life expectancy, these gains disguise the dangers of EMF and other modern environmental toxins.

Why We Love The XL Home Harmonizer:

  • No need to move away if there are overhead powerlines above your home
  • Makes installing solar panels or a charge point for an electric car safer
  • Protection for your entire home
  • Strong enough to trigger a detox reaction once your EMF exposure has reduced
  • May protect your house against hidden, toxic mold
  • Helps to keep your immune system youthful

Device Chip

The Device Chip is an important part of the EMF Sol bundle, which gives you targeted protection for your major “problem” devices. Device Chips are perfect for Wi-Fi internet routers, gaming consoles and their controllers, cordless phones, ceiling fans, and more everyday low-EMF radiation.

Health Benefits

Using a Device Chip may prevent the neurological effects of using EMF-emitting electronics. If you’ve noticed that you or your child are falling behind in school or work, experience poor sleep, have difficulty focuisng, or mood issues, EMF radiaition may be a trigger. Studies show that EMF radiation can cause or worsen all of these symptoms. EMF may also affect childhood development, increasing the severity of ADHD and the patterns of brainwaves.

Fortunately, EMF chips may prevent the negative changes in brainwave patterns that underlie neurological issues. One study showed improved attention span and task performance among volunteers using a device chip made for cell phones, compared to a placebo chip or no chip.

Why We Love The Device Chip:

  • Chemical-free resin used in all EMF Sol products ensures you won’t be exposed to VOCs or other polluting substances
  • Protects you if you only have a few strong EMF emitters in your home
  • Perfect for rural, semi off-grid homes where home Wi-Fi is a far greater issue than external EMF sources
  • No need to worry if you require an adjustable bed
  • Sleep in comfort, as you can keep ceiling fans or air conditioners on

Better ZZZ’s

EMF Sol’s Better ZZZ’s device is a helpful addition to slip underneath your mattress for extra protection while you sleep. We especially recommend it if you have metal mattress springs or a metal bed frame.

Health Benefits

If there was one most important time of the day to use EMF protection, it would be while you’re sleeping. Research shows that long-term EMF exposure results in a chronic deficiency of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin is meant to rise during the evening, only falling in the morning when the sun rises. EMF-emitting devices could contribute to insomnia or unrefreshing sleep if you are exposed to them nightly.

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it have protective effects of its own, but it can make your bodies’ other antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione, and catalase, more effective. Melatonin is also stronger  in supporting immune health than vitamins C and E.

The antioxidant benefits of melatonin may extend to Alzheimer’s disease too. Even better, it inhibits the development of the infamous beta-amyloid plaques that damage the brain. Perhaps equally feared is breast cancer, which is also linked to melatonin deficiency and increased EMF exposure.

Why We Love The Better ZZZ’s:

  • No need to worry about smart meters, solar panel and battery systems, or other EMF emitters that run 24/7
  • Small device that can conveniently fit under your mattress, or between two if you have a box spring
  • As a flat chip, you won’t feel it
  • You can use one (gas car) or two (electric vehicles) to protect yourself while driving
  • Extra protection when you need it the most
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EMF Sol BundleEMF Sol Home Protection Bundle

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