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Acai bowls are a hot trend. From Juice Generation in New York to Liquid Juice Bar in West Hollywood, people are flocking on both coasts to power up with this breakfast berry from Brazil. There’s even an official National Acai Bowl Day in April, when cafes across the United States offer 50 percent discounts for these delicious fountains of youth. Article upon article confirms the good news: Acai bowls taste like ice cream, only they’re better for you and contain fewer calories.
Offering a plethora of health benefits, including powerful, free radical-fighting properties and more grams of protein than a single egg, one little acai berry packs a formidable punch. Plus, when you blend it with a little almond or coconut milk, voila: It’s just like ice cream – except that it’s good for you! Finally, you can put your days of sugar- and wheat-filled breakfasts behind you.

Want to enjoy an acai bowl at a cafe full of pushy types in workout gear or savor every bite in your pajamas while your kitty purrs blissfully beside you? You can buy acai bowls for outrageous sums at the places mentioned above and many places in between. Or you can brave the sensitive blending process and make one yourself. The choice is yours.

Acai Bowl
It won’t be quick but making an acai bowl at home is more cost-effective. You can buy the frozen acai puree in a holistic grocery store or you can purchase freeze-dried, organic acai berry powder right here at HoneyColony.

And remember: Consistency is key. Your acai bowl shouldn’t be so thick that it doesn’t blend well or so thin and watery that you’ve diluted its alluring taste gets. Bananas and other fruits help, and your chosen type of milk will add a mouthwatering, soft-serve creaminess to your morning.

To top off your acai bowl, try granola, fresh berries, coconut, cacao powderbee pollen, or any combination of the above and more.

How to Make an Acai Bowl

Watch Jiu-Jitsu champ AJ Agazarm explain how to make an acai bowl:


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