Author name: Maya Bastian

Maya Bastian is a wanderer at heart, a dreamer by nature, and an artist when the inspiration strikes. She has won awards and exhibited her films internationally, which run the gamut from narrative shorts to documentary to experimental animation. As an author, her poetry and personal essays have been published online and included in a diverse array of anthologies. Maya's recent endeavors include writing her first narrative feature film and creating video installations for various events and galleries. You can find a selection of her film and video work on YouTube.

How To Get Really Wet Naturally: 6 Simple Ways

Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction is more common among women than men, and that 50 percent of women report issues with staying wet naturally. So what happens when your lady parts don’t behave the way you want them to? Why do some women have a hard time getting wet?

Aseda: The Best Honey to Put in Your Mouth

The best honey in the world is cultivated in the symbiotic collaboration of bees, the tribe of Aseda, Mole National Forest, and two American visionaries. Aseda raw honey raises your vibrations and heightens your sensations.

Salt Cave: 8 Reasons To Try This Unique Retreat

Himalayan salt caves are one of the best ways to get a nutrient boost and respiratory cleanse, while basking in utter relaxation. Discover why Eastern Europeans have been using salt caves for centuries, as a treatment for various ailments.

A salt cave retreat may be just what you need. Salt caves have become the new spa treatment across North America. Why, and what for? Find out here.
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