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By Maryam HeneinHoneyColony Original

Every so often, someone shoots me a story about a new study claiming responsibility for the ‘mysterious’ mass bee deaths that have been wiping out commercial colonies throughout the world for the past eight years. This time, a piece in The New York Times reported a new study that was published in the academic journal mBio, linking a mutating virus to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Scientists found that the increase in honeybee deaths, which generally starts in autumn and peaks in winter, correlated to increasing infections by a variant of the tobacco ringspot virus.

“Two years ago, it was vampire flies, before that, cell phones. This is likely another red herring to divert attention away from the massive poisoning of the earth that is occurring,” says Tom Theobald, a beekeeper and activist from Colorado who was featured in the award winning film Vanishing of the Bees.

A strong immune system can often fend off a virus and triumph over colony-wide devastation.

“As important as they are, the bees are just the messenger,” adds Theobald. The study’s authors include the Agriculture Department’s laboratories in Beltsville, Md., as well as experts in American universities and at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing. And who in part funds these institutions?

According to the Times pieces, “most researchers, including the study’s authors, suspect that a host of viruses, parasites and perhaps other factors, like pesticides, are working in combination to weaken colonies and increase the death rate.” Poisons are just thrown into the mix as an afterthought.

A tobacco virus is believed to attack honeybees’ nervous systems. Systemic pesticides are neurotoxins that impair the nervous system! Not to mention, weaken the immune system, erode the gut and impair navigational capabilities. So is the virus really at the core? A big body of research would disagree.

Just this past October,  Italian scientists concludes that systemic pesticides suppress honeybees’ immune systems letting diseases gain the upper hand.

Let’s stop this madness and raise awareness about bees and our food supply. You can bee the change you want to see. Go here to read the original story.

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