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Knowledge about the endocannabinoid system and how it functions within the body may change your life. Here’s one woman’s story.

Tales Of A Tumor

In 2004, Cherie Arnold, the founder of MediQi Energetics discovered a 14-pound tumor in her uterine wall, giving her physique the appearance of early pregnancy. She was diagnosed with stage I cancer. Three Western doctors — all women — delivered the same medical advice: get a hysterectomy — remove your entire uterus. But Arnold, who was 49 at the time, refused to accept that as the only option.

I was actually pretty angry that three female gynecologists had given me the same opinion, angry that as women we were choosing this path. I didn’t believe in cutting out a part of my body that was female, and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life on steroids, medications, hormones, and all the things that I came to find out caused the problem in the first place. So I made a decision to choose a natural route regardless of obstacles, to figure this out or die very happy. I was simply not going to be in the hospital — not going to be in the system.

Arnold conducted careful research until she found a naturopathic physician who offered wisdom and empirical data accumulated over a 40-year career. “His method was to work with the same patients, staying with them through the full healing process, and, unlike most physicians that seek notoriety, he healed anonymously.”

Introduction To Cannabinoid Science And The Endocannabinoid System

As a result of her self-education, Arnold acquired expertise in physiological patterns. “What I really found out was that we have a name for this physiological body: It’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the basis for cannabinoid science.”

The endocannabinoid system is a series of chemicals and receptors throughout the body that, when healthy, protect the cell walls from toxins and chemicals. Critical to establishing and maintaining human health, the ECS is the connector between body, mind, and spirit. “I started to study about cannabinoid and endocannabinoid deficiency, and I started putting it together with my own path. In this process I discovered the Quintessential Intelligence of life — the QI. That’s how we connect to nature, to spirit – it’s how we connect inwardly.”

Over a four-year period, Arnold supplemented cannabinoids with hemp and made four major changes to her diet:
1) She completely stopped eating foods pumped with steroids that feed and allow the tumors to grow. This can cause estrogen deposits in the breast and uterine tissue and along the endocrine system. She switched to free range poultry only — no red meats or fish due to potential toxicity.

“I would drive to a nearby farm in Northern California every weekend to buy my eggs and fresh free range poultry. The feed is important too — that this is completely organic, natural feed stock as these hormones can seep through the entire food chain. Something we do not readily think off all the way through.”

Note: Arnold is a big proponent of hemp used for feedstock.

2) She started adding good fats, fiber, and phytocannabinoids with every meal. This means taking in lots of essential fatty acids, allowing the body to “flush” out toxins and nasty plastic molecules. This later served as the basis of how she formulated her oil using phytocannabinoids and the best essential fatty acids. Tumors feed on toxins, chemical deposits, and hormonal imbalances like estrogen deposits that get stuck in the endocrine system.

“We need daily nutritional oil to keep all of this moving properly through our systems and especially lymphatics. Lots of fiber keeps the digestive [tract] going and then phytonutrients from plant-based proteins, aminos, and other green stuff keeps the flush and detox consistent and daily.”

3) She got her sugar intake down to 24 grams per day and switched to a gluten free diet.”I started to love the combo of organic vanilla, almond, peppermint, and cinnamon mixed with natural stevia root as a sweet substitute. I always ate small amounts of fruit with a plant based protein all the time, never fruit on the run or all alone.”

Maintaining balance, stability, and homeostasis was absolutely the number one rule in getting the tumors to shift. Keeping her body’s innate thermostat, thymus, and thyroid balanced commanded the tumors to leave.

4) She also used phytosterols, a plant based amino acid chain that allows the brain to provide and direct nutritional value to the rest of the body’s imbalances.

My tumors were directly associated with an overactive pituitary compensation. Meaning: my brain needed better essential fatty acids to direct healing and shut down the flow of nutrients to the tumors in my uterus. By allowing the hypothalamus to open and expand more and [by] regulating my metabolic system, the tissue that had been formed as a tumor was more able to burn this stored waste material as fuel and then my whole body started to shift.

Arnold applied these basic supplemental ingredients in the MediQi Energetics capsules she makes along with a nutritional hemp oil. Taken together, this forms a “chain of command” for the brain and the body to stay in sync together — receiving nutrients and releasing unnecessary chemicals and fats accordingly.

What started happening was enlightening because this huge tumor began to shrink and dissolve. My whole system started to light up and become activated. I started resonating with certain frequencies in nature: with powers and experiences. I started listening inward instead of outward. I started to really hear my body, to develop intuition. The more I listened deeply, the more my body healed.

Endocannabinoid System: The Business Of Healing

Having experienced what an important role her endocannabinoid system played in the healing of her tumor, Arnold was determined to help others access the most powerful natural cannabinoidal. Combining three decades of entrepreneurial consulting experience with her expertise in cosmetics and skincare, Arnold founded MediQi Energetics in 2015, a hemp-infused company based on vital nutrition.

I’m a product formulator, starting in cosmetics and skincare, designing, and inventing new solutions for people in fun, beautiful, enlivened ways. So with this training and knowledge, I took these formulas that I had made for myself in my own healing and infused them with the hemp side of the beautiful cannabis plant to make nutritional oil and nutritional capsules that when used together create a brain and body program.

MediQi Energetics is not a typical startup enterprise. Forty years of clinical research on ECS science combined with Arnold’s extensive personal experience form a solid foundation from which to offer cannabinoid science as a natural source of health and well-being. For Arnold, taking notice of the world around us — looking into but also beyond medical science — is the essence of connecting with natural healing.

Not All Cannabis Is Created Equally

Although recreational marijuana and hemp are both members of the cannabis family, they are distinct strains with unique biochemical compositions. Most notably, some strains of hemp have lower concentrations of the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and higher concentrations of hemp oil.

First spun into usable fiber some 10,000 years ago, industrial hemp has a long history of practical application for humans, especially in North America. Native Americans grew hemp and used hemp meal as a basic protein source. The plant even played a role in many of the most notable founding moments of the United States. Betsy Ross’ American flag was made from hemp fibers, as was the paper used for the Declaration of Independence.

But MediQi Energetics taps into a healing energy transcendent of the users of industrial hemp. Their capsules and oils are designed to maximize the medicinal value of hemp, introducing a proprietary phytonutrient program that also includes omegas, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants.

The human endocrine system contains thousands, perhaps millions, of cannabinoid receptor sites. Hemp solutions activate and harmonize these receptor sites to effect a heightened sense of well being, elevated health, and enhanced energy.

“The products were tested and introduced about a year ago and people not only love it, they are really feeling the change. This is a chance to share what’s healed me, and a chance for me to help others so that together we can experience a quality of life that has been missing for most of our lives.” Arnold speaks of her work with a tone of confidence, calm and humility — her words radiating a clear sense of community.

Becoming An Evolutionary

For Arnold, embracing the nourishing benefits of hemp oil is not a campaign for or against anything. Natural healing and Western medicine don’t have to be mutually exclusive. “It’s about being an evolutionary instead of a revolutionary. Instead of raising up against paradigms that exist, we can go create a new world. We have that option because that reality already exists.” Healing nourishment is an ever-present choice, within and without the medical system. The key is awareness.

Phil RicePhil Rice is a writer, editor, and teacher currently residing in Woodstock, Illinois. His writing has appeared in a variety of magazines, journals, and books. He and P.A. Merrill founded Canopic Jar: An Arts Journal in 1986, a venture for which he continues to serve as editor. He is the author of Winter Sun: A Memoir of Love and Hospice.

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