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Although fulvic acid is easier to find and more familiar to consumers than humic acid, it’s the latter mineral that is more complete, and humic acid benefits far outnumber fulvic acid benefits. Dark-colored humic acid is created from peat humus, a mineral-rich, organic, plant-based material. Fulvic acid is created when it is extracted from humic acid, added to purified water, and bottled. As a result, fulvic acid has a much lower mineral content than humic acid, and fulvic acid benefits are just a portion of the powers of humic acid.

So do any fulvic benefits outweigh those of humic acid?

Despite the seemingly large number of ways humic acid is superior to fulvic acid, there are some benefits that outweigh those of humic acid. Fulvic acid, for instance, is more easily absorbed by our cells than humic acid because it has a smaller molecular size and readily dissolves in water, regardless of pH. Since the molecules of fulvic acid are unbound, they can easily bind to vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and metals — increasing our intake of nutrients and eliminating toxins.

Fulvic Acid Benefits

Humic acid molecules, which also bind with minerals and metals, only dissolve in extremely acidic conditions and have a much larger molecular size. As a result, humic acid molecules fight toxins in the body before they enter our cells, boosting the immune system, decreasing inflammation, and preventing abnormal cell growth.

Really, then, contrasting the benefits of fulvic acid with those of humic acid is wrong-headed; indeed, the human body needs both types of humates on a regular basis to remove existing toxins and increase nutrient uptake, while also blocking new toxins from entering our bodies and fighting cell mutations and infection.

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