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Television host Jimmy Kimmel has earned himself a reputation for bullying “anti-vaxx” moms and their children. It started around 2015 when he aired a satirical “comedy” act targeting so-called “idiots” and “anti-vaxxers”. Here, he claimed that parents are “more afraid of gluten than smallpox” because they rely on friends’ Facebook pages and “Jenny McCarthy…because she had clothes on” instead of doctors. 

However, these moms are simply trying to educate other families on the risks and alternatives when it comes to vaccines. Many have children who suffered severe adverse reactions to vaccination, including serious brain damage. With a children’s clinic printing “Immunized and I Survived!” t-shirts, legislators calling pro-medical freedom activists “Nazis” and “lunatics,” and Halloween costumes portraying dead unvaccinated children, parents who say their children have been injured by vaccines are being shamed and dismissed as crazy. 

The “Anti-Vaxxers” Conversation In The Media

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) aims to vaccinate as many people as possible, in particular, children, with all shots on their schedule. The organization recognizes that people with severe allergies should not get vaccinations, particularly in cases of allergy towards previous doses of the same vaccine. For some shots, the CDC lists other groups such as pregnant women and immunocompromised patients, but some argue their lists are not sufficient.

The CDC maintains that the current vaccine schedule is safe. And that infectious diseases will return if vaccination rates fall too low. This can be seen in the CDC’s new Vaccinate with Confidence framework, which encourages medical professionals to identify “at-risk” families or communities — those with low rates — and to provide government-approved information. Nowhere is an abbreviated, modified or delayed schedule presented as an option. 

Meanwhile, a new IPAK study on acute and long-term aluminum exposure across four vaccine schedules has just been released. The study found that for certain populations, the CDC schedule carries the highest risk of toxic overload when compared to other schedules such as Dr. Paul Thomas’ “Vaccine-Friendly Plan.” 

While the CDC aims for polite conversation, Jimmy Kimmel’s mocking continues. Another skit uploaded to YouTube in May 2019 involved George Clooney speaking out to the public against “dumbf**kery.” He claimed the same people who question vaccine safety are “anti-science” climate-change deniers. 

Tensions Heighten, Discussions Denied

More recently, in mid-November 2019, Kimmel simply stood by while two vaccine safety advocates who infiltrated a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live were assaulted by security guards. 

The women from the V is for Vaccine activist group, which aims to spread awareness of the risks of vaccines through peaceful protest, obtained tickets to the taping. Once Kristen Bell, who has spoken out in support of current vaccine policies, appeared on stage, they stood up and shouted, 

Stop discriminating against vaccine-injured children, Kristen! Let’s have a discussion.” 

Despite their protest being non-violent, security guards tried to arrest them. They grabbed one protestor by the breasts and shoved another against a brick wall. 

Kimmel has made no apologies.

Moms Against Vaccines Stand Up To Jimmy Kimmel

On December 4, 2019, 33 parents from V is for Vaccine returned to Jimmy Kimmel’s show to interrupt his interview with Tom Holland, the latest Spiderman star, via silent protest. They removed outer clothing to reveal one of several hidden t-shirts, reading:

My son was injured by vaccines.

My daughter was injured by vaccines.

I was injured by vaccines. 

My loved one was injured by vaccines.

After Kimmel ended his interview early and asked them to leave, he muttered “Cry me a river” under his breath according to V is for Vaccines. Is this acceptable behavior from a professional adult? 

It is surprising when you consider that his son was seriously ill with a heart condition, and he cried on his own show about the ordeal. Representatives from V is for Vaccines argue that all children with medical conditions and their families deserve equal care and respect. Sadly, as Polly Tommey explains in an interview on Vaxxed II, doctors’ response to suspected injuries is often “it’s not the vaccine” or “it’s in your child’s head,” after testing for various other possibilities. 

Twitter Users Speak Out

Twitter users, including @mangojuliana, @bilingualmomof2, and @TruthSpeakso, are understandably furious too:

From @mangojuliana

From @bilingualmomof2

From @TruthSpeakso

Jimmy Kimmel may have been dismissive, but what do everyday people think? We contacted one of the protestors,  Juliana Mango Mango for her side of the story:  

After the show, I was amazed by how many people came up to us and wanted information,” she stated. “We even spoke with a pediatrician and her completely unvaccinated daughter. As we walked down the street wearing our t-shirts, people gave us the thumbs-up and said things like, ‘I really like what you guys have been doing.’

Pediatricians and other medical professionals are pressured to give vaccines a positive image in public. However, in private, the pediatrician who spoke to Juliana Mango admitted she’d chosen not to vaccinate her own child. 

What Protects Us From Infectious Diseases?

The medical industry and mainstream media tell us that we need vaccines to prevent infections. However, research published in Pediatrics explains that almost 90 percent of the drop in deadly infections among American children happened before 1940. 

This is important to note because vaccines and antibiotics were not widely used before the 1940s. Instead, improvements in hygiene, sanitation, and housing were largely responsible. Some infectious diseases, including cholera, typhoid, and scarlet fever, are no longer common in the developed world despite vaccination for them being rare or non-existent. 

Correcting nutrient deficiencies also prevents infections. And supplementation in high doses can help treat illnesses such as measles and chickenpox. For example, documents published by the World Health Organization clearly state that vitamin A supplementation alone halves the death rate from measles when used in case management. If it’s given as prevention to deficient children, it cuts the all-cause child mortality rate by 23 percent. 

Vitamin C has powerful antiviral effects too, including against the virus responsible for both chickenpox and shingles. Complete resolution of shingles is possible in 72 hours with high-dose vitamin C, and pain relief can appear in several hours.

Disease protection starts with prevention. Prevention is a process and a lifestyle choice. It is not a single event, but a continuum of choices one makes as they go through life. The best protection is a strong and healthy immune system.

Pro-Medical Freedom Fighters Seek Truth

Studies comparing the overall health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children are overdue. While some studies don’t find that vaccines cause chronic illnesses, such as this Danish paper on the MMR shot and autism, others do.

A 2017 cohort study found that unvaccinated children are significantly healthier, and research compiled by Children’s Health Defense uncovered more problems caused by vaccination. Their findings?

  • Unvaccinated children in the cohort study had less than one-third the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, allergies, and ear infections. 
  • 44 percent of vaccinated children had a chronic illness, compared to 25 percent of unvaccinated children.
  • Non-vaccinated children were less likely to have spent time in the hospital. 
  • A study highlighted by CHD found that boys are more likely to be harmed than girls by the toxic ingredients in vaccines
  • There is a 4.4 times higher rate of non-flu infection after the flu shot.
  • The MMR shot is linked to over double the risk of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • HPV vaccination increases the risk of asthma eight-fold.
  • Numerous reports describe fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and other issues related to small nerve fiber damage after the use of the HPV vaccine. 

Vaccine Victories

Despite bullying tactics used by the media, medical industry and government, the truth is coming out. Victories against vaccine mandates are even beginning to appear; for example, nurses in British Columbia no longer need flu shots. However, the fight is far from over. Medical freedom fighters are losing their jobs and Twitter accounts. And bills to remove exemptions are practically being written overnight. The right to not vaccinate represents something larger than itself: freedom versus slavery; upholding the Nuremberg Code or giving up power over our own bodies.  

Although Jimmy Kimmel’s behavior seems like a minor issue compared to legal discrimination or job losses, celebrities do significantly influence public opinion. Comedy acts involving other big names, jokes ridiculing families and refusing to be held accountable are unacceptable.

ACTION ITEM: Call Out Jimmy Kimmel’s Behavior

Call ABC now at: 818- 460-7477

Use the ABC feedback form

Write the Jimmy Kimmel Live show:

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Hollywood, CA 90028

UPDATE: Several days after the V is for Vaccine protest, father Joshua Coleman spoke to Jimmy Kimmel during his book signing event. After Coleman explained his son’s vaccine injury, Kimmel replied that he will be more sensitive to affected families in the future. 

Alexandra PrestonAlexandra Preston is an Australian naturopath, passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and healing the planet. Her special area of interest in natural health is antiaging; she also loves the beach and is a semi-professional dancer.

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