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What’s the best way to boost your immune system?

Our body’s immune system is the key to a long and healthy life. It operates “like a tightrope walker up on the high wire, constantly balancing, carefully navigating the fine line between under- and over-reaction to external challenges,” says Gillian Flower, ND.

These days, however, daily exposures to toxins weaken our immune system with less than positive effects on our well-being.

This challenges our own detox system in a major way, which means our body becomes compromised, points out Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, founder of EndFatigue . Food processing and high sugar intake alone results in both nutritional deficiencies and incomplete digestion of proteins, triggering both immune suppression and food allergies, adds Teitelbaum.

Now factor in the and beauty products, the pesticides in our fruits and vegetables, preservatives in other foods – and top that with stress. When it comes to the environment alone, the majority of the 85,000 industrial chemicals in use today have NOT been tested for safety. We are human guinea pigs and our immune system is a target.

Let’s just put it this way, babies are already born pre-polluted with synthetic chemicals already coursing through their tiny veins.

Operation: Healthy Human Being

The immune system is like the body’s military intelligence system. It works non-stop to suppress and destroy anything that is foreign to the body. A simple paper cut can attract dangerous viruses and bacteria into the body. The immune system works to destroy them before they cause adverse effects.

Weakened immune systems lead to disorders and ailments such as cancer, hepatitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, , multiple sclerosis, and Graves Disease. Some diseases are incurable, even with advanced medicine, while others have higher success rates of survival and healing with medication and therapy.

Immune suppression has caused an “epidemic of autoimmune illnesses, immune dysfunction and deficiencies,” says Dr. Teitelbaum.

The answer to promoting a healthy immune system? Rebalancing.

Rebalancing your immune system may require external support. And the best way to provide support is through organic supplements.  Candice Nicole, Founder and President of Humineral, says “plant-based minerals that are a broad-spectrum anti-viral, [deliver] anti-oxidants and life-giving electrolytes, providing cellular health and healthy immune support.”

The immune system is made up of various cells, each one providing different forms of support, and each needing to constantly rebalance to keep your line of defense at top form.

4 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Here at HoneyColony we’ve chosen  4 Incredible and Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System. Each provides a way to protect you from the stressors and precursors that are not welcomed. Each one provides the necessary balance to keep your immune system in top form.

1. Colloidal Silver Healer

Silver has worked wonders for centuries as an anti-bacterial agent and is one of the strongest natural antibiotics available. Antibiotics, when taken multiple times, reduce in effectiveness as bacteria evolve to become resistant to medications. Silver is one of the best solutions to boost your immune system.  Researchers found that silver, unlike other antibiotics, does not get destroyed in our body, making it immune to our body’s natural defense. A natural immunity against our body’s defense allows it to freely work to improve immunity conditions by promoting health and destroying pathogens.

As a natural antibiotic, our Silver Healer produces a nano-particle blend of ionic and colloidal silver. Easy absorption from a smaller colloidal dose allows it to act instantly as it ionizes in the body.  Topically and internally, research shows silver nano-particles inhibit growth of microorganisms. Testimonials have shown our Silver Healer has been shown to wipe out sore throats, sinus and respiratory infections, treat UTI infections, prevent STD outbreaks and quickly combat food poisoning. The top alternative to this DIY device is our patented, exclusive chelated silver formulation called , which has two differences: (1) as a highly condensed form (4000PPM) you can take it anywhere and turn any regular water to potent antimicrobial with just a few drops and (2) chelated silver has a 100-200 higher bioavailability because of the chelation process that ties silver to protein molecules. Silver Excelsior acts faster and is more portable, but with regular, long-term use, Silver Healer becomes more cost effective if you don’t mind the extra 10 minutes required in setting up a system and 3 hours to process 8 ounces. Many customers use both solutions for different purposes, and carry a Silver Excelsior when they travel, while keeping a Silver Healer at home.

Colloidal Silver Healer


2. Spirit Reishi – Red Ganoderma Lucidum Extract

For over 2,000 years, the reishi mushroom has been labeled the “mushroom of immortality.” Dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, it’s been used for its natural healing power and medicinal properties.

Reishi has shown numerous health benefits through research. Pathogens are neutralized quicker due to reishi’s mushroom acting on polysaccharides and triterpense to bind to virus and inhibit their ability to attach onto healthy cells. This has shown promise in fighting viruses like HIV. Researchers found Gandoeric Acid, an extract in reishi, had the ability to induce apotosis (the natural regulation of suicide). Apotosis is a critical part of cell death and if restricted it can lead to metastasizing of tumor cells. For those looking for longevity,  the anti-aging properties of acetic acid show an ability to increase one’s life span.

Spending countless years researching ancient Chinese cultivation methods, Immortality Alchemy has formulated their Spirit Reishi to be a top grade immune booster. This allows a more potent product and guarantees the highest results. Many “healing mushrooms” are fed rotting logs, but the Spirit Reishi is fed over 40 superfoods and herbs to provide a supercharged master herb unlike any other.

3. Humineral Immune Boost Raw Powder With Humic Substances

Humic and fulvic acid both naturally occur as organics began to decay. For centuries, farmers have used humic to cultivate healthy and rich soil, promoting optimal growth for healthy plants and crops.

Fulvic acid is a humic acid with a higher oxygen content. Oxygen provides energy, balances pH, flushes toxins and nourishes cells.

Researchers found that humic is an active immunodulator. Immunodulators modify the immune system to reduce inflammation. They are commonly used in organ transplantation to prevent rejection of new organs and in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Inflammation is a common link in many diseases, and usually occurs for years before any significant change in health is noticed. Researchers have found that humic may protect against HIV.

When absorbed, fulvic acid makes biochemical reactions in the body become more efficient. This leads to increased enzyme activity, allowing water to pass through cell membranes more quickly. The body then becomes more hydrated and toxins are flushed out at a quicker rate.  Toxins are known to disrupt immune cell function. With constant toxins being introduced in our body from foods, environment, things we touch, and topical applications, our immune system is regularly weakened as it constantly works to support our health.

HUmineral’s Immune Raw Powder is supercharged with over 70-plus humic and fulvic substances to boost your immune system. Sourced in the United States in freshwater located 30 feet below ground level, their powder is 100 percent chemical free, enhances nutrient absorption, and provides antioxidant, antiviral and anti-microbial properties.

HUmineral Raw Humic Powder (Vegetarian Capsule, 60ct), Immune Boost

4. Immortal Alchemy’s Royal Jelly Bee Mana

Royal Jelly is an all-natural superfood, used since ancient times to promote a lasting life and a healthy immune system.

Royal is a bee secretion that is initially fed to all bee larvae and continuously to queen bees. As worker bee larvaes have their nutrition switched from honey and pollen, the female larva poised to become queen is continually fed royal jelly in special queen cells. This leads to a life span of six years for the queen compared to the six weeks of worker bees.

As an immunomodulatory, royal jelly works to inhibit autoimmunity – a state in which the body’s immune system attacks itself. Researchers studied the effects of royal jelly on mice who were genetically predisposed with lupus.  Theirs results showed a decrease in lupus symptoms and an increased lifespan in mice given royal jelly, compared to mice who weren’t provided with the supplement.

The antioxidant abilities of royal jelly help regulate the body’s ability to combat free radicals which cause damage to skin and organs.

As the first organic royal jelly on the market, Immortal Alchemy’s Bee Mana brings the life-span of the Queen Bee to you. It contains 23 amino acids that build strength, shed fat, restore skin to a health pH level, rebalances stress related hormones and improve memory level. When the mind and body are stronger and balanced, a natural boost your immune system is a given.

More Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Although these are four of our favorite and direct immune system boosters, there are many more to choose form. If you want a solution that’s good for a wider spectrum of benefits, including chronic pain, read about the leading natural cure that is changing lives here arr our Top 8 natural health solutions, picked from over 1,200 candidates over four years.

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