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Victoria Beckham is regularly sharing healthy tips and “obsessions” with her nearly 10 million Twitter followers.  One of her most recent preoccupations has been Virgin Raw Bee Panacea, a delicious, raw, honey-based organic blend of 20 bee products and other superfoods. Bee panacea became a super-hot commodity at HoneyColony after we began to sell it in Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom – in addition to homegrown panacea cravers here in the United States.

Of course, the former Posh Spice always seems to be “obsessed” with something, ranging from Nike Airmax runners to bee pollen – incidentally, another best-seller in our site’s bee products shop. People care because the mum of four is 41 and looks fit and fantastic. And, no doubt, her health food-heavy diet helps her maintain her svelte figure, while balancing between family, fashion design, and multiple charity work.

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Bee Panacea: Are All Those Bee Products Actually Healthful?

The question is whether the many bee products in Virgin Raw Bee Panacea are truly healthful or if Bee Panacea is just another fad food. Here at HoneyColony, we wouldn’t be selling it if it weren’t as wholesome as we claim. Yahoo! backed us up by asking if this superfood of superfoods – whose ingredients include the bee products royal jelly, pollen and honey, as well as algae chlorella, spirulina, and herbs like cinnamon and cayenne – is really all that.

Yahoo!’s verdict: It absolutely is!

Bee Panacea is said to nourish the body, strengthen the metabolism (causing weight loss), optimize digestion, help eliminate toxins, increase endurance, mental clarity and libido, and clear up the acne and blemishes. Now that’s a pretty tall order for one little superfood, right?

Check out Virgin Raw’s instructional video: 

To check the facts, Yahoo! asked New York City registered dietitian Lauren Slayton for a second opinion:

“I’m the first one to point out when a product is all hype, but bee panacea might actually help when it comes to losing weight,” she told Yahoo. “Cinnamon aids blood sugar regulation, cayenne is a metabolism booster and (bee products like) bee pollen contain the amino acid phenylalanine that regulates appetite.”

(Bee pollen also contains about 22 other amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 minerals, and is high in B-complex vitamins and Lecithin, by the way. In other words, go bees!)

Slayton’s only qualm was whether you could really attain all these things in a single spoonful. Since Bee Panacea is so yummy, the truth is you may be tempted to smear it on toast or eat more than the recommended 25-calorie teaspoon. But, rest assured, one delicious dose of this bee-products cocktail packs a powerful punch – and moderation has always been a cornerstone of any health-conscious diet.

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, professional researcher, and producer of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees.

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