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Get the best prices on Barlean’s today!

Best known for their organic oils, both flax and fish, the company has been in business since 1989. Integrity is very important to HoneyColony so we appreciate that this family-run business, which values quality and freshness.

During our flash sale, we are offering the best prices on several of Barlean’s most popular items.

The Lowdown On Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Barlean's Flax OilWe are offering discount codes on Barlean’s best-selling classic Flaxseed Oil replete with Omega-3 fatty acids. Why is this nutrient so important?

Well, eight out of ten Americans today are deficient in these essential fats because unfortunately they’ve been stripped away from the food chain at the expense of our health. Health authorities indicate that this nutritional deficiency can lend to heart and blood vessel disease, eye problems such as dry eyes and muscular degeneration, mood and behavior problems, such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, autoimmune disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and lupus, skin problems such as psoriasis, and even cancer. Whoa!

Since I personally have markers for the autoimmune condition Lupus and want to lubricate my brain and body with healthy oils, I include Barlean’s The Essential Woman, in my diet. The formula is derived from seeds of botanical flowers such as evening primrose and flax, as well as special plant phytonutrients. Incidentally, Hippocrates first recognized the medicinal properties of flax seed oil in ancient Greece.

Super Charge Your Immune System with Barlean’s

Barlean's Olive LeafWe are also offering the best prices out there on Barlean’s Olive Leaf Complex.

The medicinal use of olive leaves date back to ancient Egypt, the land where my ancestors came from. Olive leaves contain powerful antioxidants and highly anti-microbial properties. Olive leaf is widely used around the world as a health tonic and all-purpose powerful antioxidant, to promote general health. It is also used in a preventative manner against colds, flu, or infection.

Barlean’s olive leaves are fresh-picked at sunrise, fresh-pressed and bottled to capture full-spectrum, nutritional potency. This product, which is part of our flash sale, supports the immune system, the cardiovascular system, healthy blood pressure, and healthy joints.

Loco For Coco!

Barlean's Coconut OilLooking for best prices? From now until the end of November get Barlean’s Coconut Oil on sale.

This organic coconut oil is free of chemicals and solvents. It has a “i am in the tropics’ flavor and can be taken as a dietary supplement for a myriad of things, used in cooking or baking, and applied to skin and hair. I keep a jar in my kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Applying it to your skin is a great way to absorb the healing properties of coconut oil.

Incorporating coconut into your diet can impact weight loss, reduce inflammation, and bolster heart health. And it feeds your largest organ, which is your skin.

You can even use coconut oil during massages. Since I do not trust products that are often used during a treatment, I now bring my own jar of coconut oil. Barlean’s is cold pressed fresh and tastes great.

Don’t miss out on an amazing prices on Barlean’s since these discount codes won’t last long. Save today and shop online with HoneyColony.

 A Borage Of Benefits

Barlean's Borage OilOut there in the wilderness lies a plant which has been used to alleviate many things: from coughs to autoimmune disorders. After reading about all the healing properties, I immediately cracked open a bottle and will keep you posted. The seeds oil has been used to reduce pain and swelling while the flower and leaves have been used for fevers, coughs, and depression. The flower is also pollinated by honeybees.

Borage has also been used to address hormonal issues such as adrenal insufficiency, and to increase urine flow, and purify the blood.

So how exactly does all this magic work? The body converts the vital fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) into an anti-inflammatory compound called prostaglandin E1, or PGE1.

The oil is reputed to help with rheumatoid arthritis as well as improve symptoms of PMS.

Check out the current flash sale, where we are also offering a great online coupon discount for Barlean’s Borage Oil.

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