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By HoneyColony Staff

We believe in holistic health practices as adults because, well, they’re healthy! We feel better, we minimize our impact on the environment, and we don’t poison our bodies with chemicals…what’s not to love?

Yet if there are still a few folks out there who aren’t sold, we’ve got a study out of the Society for Research in Child Development that suggest just talking to a toddler about holistic health improves their language skills and gives them better tools to handle their anger.

According to the study, “children of preschool age can learn to talk about the various holistic health practices, such as stretching, relaxing, and meditating as one way to develop increased language skills.”

The study also showed how music therapy, which is a holistic health practice in itself, has a relaxing and calming influence and enhanced soothing environments. The data even showed that music therapy had a profoundly positive impact when it came to teaching toddlers math.

Check out the article here.

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