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By HoneyColony Staff

Whole Foods Market, that open door to wholesomeness and honesty, as implied by their name, is bouncing off of the proverbial fence as it tries to stand on the right side of the GMO issue. As reported earlier, a former employee now says the company routinely coaxed its workers into lying about the prevalence of GMOs in their products. It’s the latest ripple in the company’s less-than-stellar reputation on genetically engineered foods, and it once again casts them as Big Agra stooges.

But given the backlash against Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and the other gene splicing giants that are trying to politick their way into keeping us uninformed, particularly with respect to GM foods, we need foods to be properly labeled. We are not rats. And more people realize that the consumption of GMOs by human beings has not been tested.

As Dr. John Fagan stated in an interview with Natural Law:

“But in reality, although genes can be cut and spliced accurately in the test tube, the process of splicing them into a living organism is extremely imprecise. These manipulations can cause mutations that damage the functioning of the natural genes of the organism. Inserted genes can also cause unanticipated side effects: genetically engineered foods, for example, may contain toxins and allergens or be reduced in nutritional value–and consumers have, in fact, become sick and even died from such toxins already. Moreover, genetically engineered organisms may multiply and crossbreed with the natural, non-genetically engineered population, creating irreversible biological changes throughout earth’s ecosystem.”

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Whole Foods knows that the vast majority of their grocery shoppers want GMOs labeled, and that Monsanto and friends are doing whatever they can to suppress propositions that would force them to act responsibly. In a move that shows not all corporations are tied at the hip, Whole Foods released a video clip on Youtube explaining their position on genetically modified foods and how they plan to distance themselves from the lame sideshow that is corporate-controlled politics. The video is a follow-up to their initial announcement in March that they’re aiming for transparency and endorse our Right to Know. They’re not waiting for labeling initiatives to get passed. Instead they’ll start labeling GMO products in their locations nationwide by 2018.

Although we wish it wouldn’t take them four long years to get labeling underway, they explain the complexity of labeling products from their 100,000 suppliers. It’s better late than never. And let’s hope they stick to their pledge.

If consumers and private companies continue to work together and garden together to avoid GMOs, we could actually loosen Big Agra’s stronghold and stop them from shoving their genetically modified foods into our shopping carts.

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