Antibacterial 3rd Rock Itchblock


Antibacterial 3rd Rock Itchblock

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3rd Rock ITCHBlock: The Antibacterial Miracle

Antibacterial 3rd Rock ITCHBlock provides quick relief from inconvenient dry, itchy, or irritated skin. This soothing, light-weight, grease-less skin cream goes on gently and easily, and its long-lasting itch relief works for even the most varied assortment of itches, including dry skin, insect bites, poison oak, ivy, and sumac, and other itches.

What’s more, ITCHBlock deeply penetrates the skin to prevent the spread of free radicals and reduce toxicity. Featuring a perfectly balanced, alkaline-pH formula that repels inflammation and itch without any endocrine disruptors, ITCHBlock is the perfect ointment for people who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle.

But, best of all, 3rd Rock ITCHBlock helps prevent itchy skin from becoming infected; like all 3rd Rock products, it contains one of the most potent antibacterial agents ever discovered, silver, in the form of Dr. Guerry Grune’s patent-pending chelated silver oxide. This silver biopolymer boasts all that’s good about other silver-based compounds, but it also remains active for up to two and a half hours after it’s applied to the skin and is therefore 100 to 100,000 times more effective than colloidal silver oxide products. Plus, unlike chemical-based products whose antibacterial agents can cause bacterial mutation and can poison skin with toxins, 3rd Rock ITCHBlock is 100 percent safe, organic, and non-toxic. In fact, it’s even edible!

So say goodbye to other itch creams, with their nasty smells and dangerous, toxic antibacterial agents, and say hello to 3rd Rock ITCHBlock, the only itch-fighting ointment so safe you can put it anywhere on your body, including your tongue.

Why We Love It:

  • Water-resistant
  • Balanced alkaline formula
  • Promotes toxin-free skin
  • Edible
  • Gently applies on the skin
  • Provides long-lasting itch relief

Ingredients: Kosher organic vegetable glycerin, distilled water, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, L-arginine, aloe barbadensis leaf gel, cera alba (beeswax), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel wax, phosphatidyl choline or cetearyl glucoside and refined coconut oil extract, zinc oxide, olibanum (frankincense) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) oil, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, zea mays (corn) starch, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) root extract, xanthan gum, beta glucan, gamma oryzanol



Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1.25 × 2 in

1 review for Antibacterial 3rd Rock Itchblock

  1. blakebfah

    I have very dry skin and have tried pretty much every skin product you can buy from whole foods with no luck. After realizing hydrocortisone just doesn’t cut it for me, I started looking into silver, which I heard is a great antibacterial agent. I came across this All Natural Itch Block and was prompt to order it. 1 week later I can’t believe the difference in my dry spots! I have no more dry skin patches on my ankle bones or elbows nor do I find myself itching my hands after touching certain things. I have already ordered 3 more containers and can’t wait to get them in. This product is truly a life saver for my skin, I can’t believe it.

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Original price was: $11.95.Current price is: $9.95.