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Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, emitted by everyday items such as cell phones and electrical appliances are now affecting every population worldwide, from the United States to China to Malawi. And we shouldn’t expect it to slow down anytime soon, as the levels will continue to rise as modern-day technology advances. Let us recall that while we were under lockdown, cell towers across the country were going up. In fact, 5G cell tower installation was an industry that was thriving during the early to mid-2020. In 2018, the FCC initiated the “5G Fast Plan” to establish the United States’ superiority in the tech race. They intended to blanket the ENTIRE country with 5G small cells placed between every 2 to 10 homes.

Trial deployments could begin as early as 2018. I know I lived on a test street in Beachwood, Los Angeles. I measured the EMF with a meter Dr. Mercola suggested.

The increase in EMF pollution should feel threatening, and perhaps even horror movie-esque, as long-term exposure to EMFs, can negatively affect our nervous systems and cognitive brain function (cue the zombie apocalypse). Studies have also shown that there is a direct correlation between EMFs and leukemia and brain cancer, specifically on the side of the head where we hold our cell phones

Although we are slowly killing our brains by holding a death trap to our ears, it’s hard to make the case to toss out our cell phones as they’ve become a lifeline that humans have glued themselves to. But there are ways to protect yourself in a world that knowingly harms humans through EMF pollution. Simple solutions, such as limiting the use of EMF-emitting devices and turning devices off when they’re not in use, are the first step. 

A smarter way to protect yourself and your family is to invest in the EMF Sol Home Protection Bundle, which includes…

  •  A Home Harmonizer-guard that will protect your home against 5G, cell phone towers, smart meters, and more. 
  • A Device Chip that will tame the worst offenders in your home, such as internet routers and baby monitors.
  • A Better ZZZ’s, which adds additional protection as you sleep.

To learn more about the effects of EMF pollution and how to block them properly, check out this interview with Corey Hillis, the founder of EMF Sol, and Maryam Henein, Founder of HoneyColony. 


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