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By Constance StellasHive Advisor

Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about you. In former times physicians were also astrologers and prescribed medicine according to the phases of the moon as well as a patient’s astrological chart. After all we are part of all nature!

The following is a quick guide to your tastes and preferred foods according to your Sun sign.

ARIES: Spicy food, chili peppers, foods with crunch and fun delight this Mars ruled sign. Thai food will appeal and always keep tabasco around if you are cooking for Aries. Meat and vegetables are usually prominent. Also food must be available quickly because Aries is usually on the go.

TAURUS: Sweet and rich are the bywords for this sensual, practical sign. Cream sauces, butter and roasted meats delight Taurus. If you are a vegetarian, pasta and quinoa will satisfy. Obviously, with these tastes Taurus can over-indulge. The bull needs discipline. One piece of chocolate a day could be your best medicine.

GEMINI: Light and fun. Vegetarians are frequent. Food on the go and instant recipes are Gemini’s cooking choice. Fish and poultry are usually the protein choices. Gemini prefers savory and slightly salty to sweets. Avoid soda as your sign is an air sign and already has enough bubbles.

CANCER: Comfort food and dairy are most important to Cancerians. Ice cream can bring on a childhood reverie. Whatever you grew up eating will form the basis for your adult diet. If mayonnaise and other fats were a staple, keep these foods but modify your intake. And, of course, seafood comes from your native element: water.

LEO: Fun and Festive are the hallmarks of food for Leo. Emphasize foods that are spicy, ethnic, or adventuresome; Leo wants eating to be a party. Mediterranean diet suits Leo although most are meat eaters. Also include variety, Leo gets bored with eating easily and needs stimulation to be content.

VIRGO: Picky eaters are found in this sign. Virgo needs a bland diet without lots of spice and stimulation. As food sensitivities can be common consider joining the gluten-free movement. Grain products, meats, vegetables, and fruits are all fine, just don’t add sauces or lots of lemon.

LIBRA: Libra delights in sweet and well-presented food. Even if cooking solo Libra will arrange a dinner plate or quick lunch so that it looks aesthetic. Usually there is a strong sweet tooth and a propensity to indulge carb cravings. Best to add protein and avoid fasting diets. Libra has sensitivity to blood sugar spikes.

SCORPIO: Exotic and rare foods tempt Scorpio. Salty rather than sweet is usual for everyday meals. Seafood and shad roe may be particular favorites. If Scorpio’s weight is heavy, usually the sexual drive is thwarted in some way. The best diet is exercise between the sheets.

SAGITTARIUS: With generous Jupiter ruling your sign the most important thing about food is abundance. Small crafted fusion food has little interest for Sag. You favor warm spices such as cinnamon and cloves, grilled meats, and game. Sagittarius is usually on the go so all food should be portable.

CAPRICORN: Traditional foods such as eggs and bacon, meat and potatoes appeal to Capricorn. Root vegetables are healthy for you and your taste for salty and sour food is strong. Dill pickles are a good condiment. Cap can fall into a rigid habit regarding food. Try varying your habit and use olive oil instead of butter.

AQUARIUS: Energy levels determine Aquarius’ appetite. Sometimes the appetite is turned on and other decidedly off. For Aquarius the fellowship between diners is more important. However, traditional foods are too laden with family memories; Aquarius wants to forge new experiences and enjoys pairing unusual foods.

PISCES: You can be an indulgent sign and overdo carbs or alcohol flavored sweets. Pisces loves seafood and does well with a vegetarian diet…add some meat in the winter time just to keep yourself on planet earth. Paying attention to nutrition protects your very sensitive system.

This article was reprinted with permission from the author.

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