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Feature Of The Week

Petroleum Jelly—The Rub Behind The Goop

Do you really want to use a fossil fuel from Big Oil on your body? This week, we’re exposing the truth about Vaseline and the perfect replacement:

Waxelene: Balmy Beeswax For Your Skin

The story of the two eco-conscious businessmen behind Waxelene—the smooth, truly natural, anti-bacterial alternative to petroleum jelly.

Behind The Label

Specific Sugar Molecule Causes Growth Of Cancer Cells

A new study shows the sweet stuff actually causes cancer cells to grow and spread more aggressively.

Help The Hive Thrive: Invite Bees To Your Garden With The Right Plants

By inviting them with the right plants, gardeners can help honeybees forage more efficiently, which helps hives thrive.

Target: Monsanto

Whole Foods Takes Corporate Approach To Labeling GMOs

Whole Foods Market is bouncing off of the proverbial fence as it tries to stand on the right side of the GMO issue.

Barbara’s Bakery GMO And “All Natural” Class Action Settlement

Have you bought any Barbara’s Bakery products as of late? If so, you may be entitled to some money.

Sweet Deal Of The Week

Long Live The Queen: Immortality Alchemy’s Organic Raw Royal Jelly Powder is a one-of-a-kind superfood. Royal Jelly contains extraordinary levels of B vitamins and is also a complete protein source with natural anti-aging qualities. It can help you achieve longevity and bolster the immune system. Use the coupon code ‘immortal’ and get 15% off. Offer expires October 16th!

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