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By Alex Hayden Hernandez, HoneyColony

I really underestimated the power food has over weight loss; I lost 50 pounds by cleaning up my diet. It seems to me that people think that sweating in a humiliating gym over and over again is the only cause of weight loss and it’s really not.

Yes, exercise is important, but what we put in our bodies is even more so.

Over nine months, I was able to drop 50 pounds with little exercise. Most of my transformation had to do with how clean my diet was. I eliminated processed foods, reduced my meat and dairy intake, and just began to appreciate my own home cooked meals.

I learned so much about myself during the process (like how much I craved Thai noodles when I felt stressed.) Cleaning up my diet was a really spiritual experience, and it empowered me and revealed this inner strength that I was too ashamed to let out before.

I now am lucky enough to coach others to get on a healthier path and find empowerment through their own well-being. One of the things I like to recommend to my clients is having a spoonful of good quality honey when they feel angry. Honey is one of the highest vibrational foods on the planet, and it expands our greater potential.

Alex Hayden Hernandez is a Holistic Health Counselor, Blogger and Speaker. After losing fifty pounds, she turned into a health nut and decided to share her opinions with the world. In her spare time she produces awesome YouTube videos, makes a mess in her kitchen and spends hours watching TED talks. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram @alexhhealth or check out her website for more information.

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