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By HoneyColony Staff

In March of 2013, Whole Foods Market became the first US-based retailer to require all genetically modified foods on its shelves be labeled. According to a report published in The New York Times, the move could “radically alter the food industry.”

The presence of GMO’s in our food supply has increased exponentially for decades, with supporters both pro and con vehemently staunch in their views on the subject. The Grocery Manufactures Association, for example, has fought hard against labeling, arguing the labels “could mislead consumers into believing that these food products are somehow different or present a special risk or a potential risk.”

That, according to GMO opponents, is exactly the point (though they obviously disagree on the “mislead” part).

Read the full article here.

3 thoughts on “Major Grocer To Label Foods With Gene-Modified Content”

  1. DonnaTori
    Whole food can change their company policy for screening food items, but they are not the law or hold and Iron Fist like Walmart. They can make requests, but they need to let the market work it out since they do not own those businesses. Rather, they need to maintain the feel of an attractive middleman to get specific types of products to the consumer. Business will likely shuffle their feet to make the new standards because they know other companies are shuffling their feet. In other words, you’ll see changes on the shelf soon.

    If a company wants to reformulate their product, give them time (as you said 5 years was ok). But what if they wanted to reformulate it but failed to meet the demands of the consumer? Should they be forced to change their labeling next week or next month even though they put out an effort and immediately start loosing money unexpectedly (not good for small businesses). Allow them time to create a completely new product that will substitute their loss and keep them on the shelves and in business.

  2. I’m not happy with this taking 5 years. That’s rediculous IMO. Companies can start labeling next week. They change their packaging all the time. This would be a stronger statement if Whole foods required labeling by the end of 2013. If they were BANNING GMOs from their stores, that would be even better, and then I could understand it taking 5 years for companies to find new ingredients. But 5 years for labeling? Really? I expect laws to be in place before then, so Whole Foods is doing nothing really. Just a PR ruse. No real teeth in it. I have been disappointed in Whole Foods for a few years now. This does not help my opinion of them. They need to take a stronger stand!

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