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Improving our health can involve a lot of hard work. We overhaul our diets and lifestyles. We search for the right herbs or supplements. But what if we have no energy or little time?

The BioMat® may come to the rescue in this case, as a device that may improve our health while we’re sleeping. It sounds too good to be true at first glance, but it turns out there is research to back it up. 

What Is The BioMat®, And How Does It Work?

The BioMat® uses far infrared therapy and negative ions to promote general health. Far infrared rays have a similar frequency to natural sunlight, but without the harmful UV light that can damage DNA and cause inflammation. Ions are electrically charged particles, which can be positive (fewer electrons than protons) or negative (extra electrons). Negative ions have shown numerous health benefits to our cells. 

The key layer of the BioMat® contains superconducting channels made of pure amethyst, which helps both the negative ions and far-infrared rays to penetrate the body deeper. Its other layers have functions including blocking EMF radiation, generating negative ions, and preserving heat. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can sleep on it or simply use your mat for yoga or meditation. 

Maryam Henein’s Experience

Early this year, our founder Maryam Henein, developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) after a reaction to antibiotics. She had blistering, rashed skin that was peeling off, and purple-stained lips from the gentian violet antiseptic used to clear a thrush flare-up. It was severe enough that she needed corticosteroids, although she got to avoid a hospital stay. 

When she was really sick with SJS, a woman offered a loan of her BioMat®, which led to a rapid improvement. It was “soothing me throughout these crises,” Maryam says, describing  the BioMat®as helping to “keep me in a calmer state.” Throughout her recovery, she would think to herself, “I’m safe here on this mat,” while using it. 

Not only did the use of the BioMat® feel soothing, but it helped to calm her pain and inflammation. Maryam says it was “enabling me to get through this horrible thing,” and later purchased her own. Now, HoneyColony is a BioMat®affiliate, and you can buy your own too at this link

Research Behind The BioMat®

Studies on the BioMat® and its therapeutic components show reductions in pain, inflammation, and stress, mirroring Maryam’s experience. A small trial of 12 people found that the BioMat®, and the wearable BioBelt, had considerable health benefits over a three-month period. 

All participants used the belt for one hour a day, three days per week, and slept on the BioMat® every night. Average stress levels fell by 82 percent, pain by 18 percent, and BMI by 10 percent over the three months. Biofeedback, brain scans, and blood tests for cortisol (the main stress hormone) validated these results. One participant, a man in his 60s on naproxen and oxycodone for chronic pain, was able to quit his medication in his third month of using the devices. 

Far-Infrared Light And Heat

One of BioMat®’s two therapeutic components, far infrared rays, can benefit the body at a deep level. This is because they penetrate the skin by 1.5 inches or almost four centimeters. At this depth, they can benefit blood, muscles, joints, ligaments, and bone. 

A study on FIR alone used far-infrared dry sauna therapy, which involves the FIR light and heat components, as a treatment for chronic pain alongside standard therapy. This was compared to the standard exercise-based rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy by themselves over four weeks of hospitalization. After treatment, those who also used a far-infrared sauna had slightly lower pain scores and less anger. After two years of follow-up, they were much more likely to be back at work, at a rate of 77 percent compared to 50 percent in the control group. 

A laboratory study found that FIR may speed wound healing by boosting growth factors and collagen production. This may be partly why the BioMat® demonstrated pain-relieving effects, by reducing the cause of the pain (an injury). In another, FIR assisted the growth of new blood vessels in mice with ischemia. However, it inhibited the growth of cancer cell lines, indicating a modulating effect, so you don’t have to worry about overgrowth. 

Far infrared therapy devices can be active generators, such as saunas, or passive, such as crushed ceramic. Passive devices simply capture and reflect back the far infrared rays emitted by the body. Two studies on women with dysmenorrhea (period pain) demonstrated that passive devices significantly reduced pain too. One of these found that only the treatment group maintained their improvements at follow-up. The control group worsened back to their previous level of severity.

The Importance Of Negative Ions

Negative ions, on their own, possess antioxidant properties. An antioxidant is essentially an electron donor that stabilizes free radicals and cells damaged by oxidative stress. Oxidation reactions involve the “theft” of an electron by free radicals; negative ions hold extra electrons, so they can “donate” a spare one. When negative ions have been studied, they also show significant benefits in reducing sleep, stress, cortisol, and pain levels

Autonomic nervous system dysfunction, which can include heart function, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion; as well as excess blood clotting, may also be relieved with negative ions. We know the dangers of inappropriate clotting are becoming more well-known thanks to current events. 

Fortunately, when red blood cells hold more negative charges, they are less likely to clump together. To top it all off, negative ion-supplying therapies are the first treatment known to work for delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Why EMF Shielding Is A Benefit In Itself

Some of the BioMat®’s layers act as shields for EMF, which is more important than ever with the advent of 5G. Fatigue, depression, insomnia, flu-like symptoms, and headaches are some of the more minor problems EMF causes. However, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and infertility have also been linked to over-exposure. Fortunately, trials of EMF-blocking tools have demonstrated the ability to improve health in people with autoimmune disease, who are often more sensitive.  

Overall, we give the BioMat® a ‘thumbs up.’ For Maryam, it got her through a recent health crisis. For you, it may mean anything from speedier post-workout recoveries to finally finding relief from chronic pain. Among those of us experiencing pain and inflammation, BioMat®’s combination of far infrared therapy and negative ions has something for everyone.  

Alexandra Preston

Alexandra Preston is an Australian naturopath, passionate about empowering others to take charge of their health and healing the planet. Her special area of interest in natural health is antiaging; she also loves the beach and is a semi-professional dancer.

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