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Story Of The Week

When Sex Goes Toxic

Most of us care deeply about the food we eat and the lotions, creams, ointments and beauty products that come in contact with our skin daily. Yet scant few among us carry such deft awareness to the bedroom.

Behind The Label

Subway Sandwiches Ditch The Yoga Mat Ingredient

In an effort to improve their recipes, Subway is ditching “azodicarbonamide,” a dough conditioner that doubles as a yoga mat ingredient.

Mind & Body

I Lost 50 Pounds By Cleaning Up My Diet

Over nine months, I was able to drop 50 pounds with little exercise. Cleaning up my diet was a really spiritual experience, and it empowered me and revealed this inner strength that I was too ashamed to let out before.

Fat Loss & Fast Metabolism? Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Even though you’ve been eating clean, lean protein at every meal and working out twice a week with that hot new trainer, not getting eight hours of sleep every night increases your obesity risk.

Our Twins Have Autism, And We’re Participating In A Miracle

We recently discovered an extraordinary program called Son-Rise that turns the conventional wisdom about autism on its head.

Help The Honeybee

Eugene First City To Ban Bee-Killing Neonics

Eugene’s ban on neonics sets the bar for other cities and states to take action to guard against a crisis in pollinator survival that could impact 30-70% of all food production.

Sweet Deals Of The Week

Ozonated Organic Oils

Ozonated oils are a powerful natural remedy for a variety of health concerns, especially for your skin. They effectively moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of blemishes, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Without any yucky chemicals!


Save The Bees Set

HoneyColony is dedicated to raising awareness about bees. So are our hive members. This set comes with a jar of organic & exotic African honey, a copy of the award-winning film Vanishing of the Bees, and a tube of Waxelene, which is a petroleum jelly alternative made with beeswax!

VOB package_rectangle

Chocolatl Chocoholic Combo

We can’t seem to keep these scrumptious and organic chocolates on the shelves! Instead of sugar, milk, and gmos, these handmade treats are made with organic cacao and superfoods.

Chocolate Quadro Experimental3

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