Author name: Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas

Dr. Tsoukalas is President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine, E.I.Nu.M. and HoneyColony Hive Adviser.He is a medical doctor, researcher, educator, author and leading expert in the application of Metabolomic Medicine in chronic and autoimmune diseases.He is the founder of Metabolomic Medicine a complete health system that addresses the exact root causes of chronic and autoimmune diseases through the use of highly advanced cellular analysis such as Metabolomic Analysis and Telomeres Analysis.

Metabolomics: How Enzymes Define Our Biochemical Individuality

When diagnosing and treating patients, a clear understanding of enzymes and biochemical individuality is crucial. We all differ drastically in how we generate and process energy. Metabolomics is a new branch of medicine that takes the guesswork out of diagnosis because it is able to measure factors that define our individuality. A metabolomic analysis is …

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