15 Plants To Attract Bees

The major causes of colony collapse might seem impossible for a single individual to fight. But there are small steps everyone can take to reverse the disastrous decline of our most important pollinator.

Bayer’s Bee Care Program Just A Front?

Bayer’s systemic nicotine-based pesticides are one of the main culprits behind Colony Collapse Disorder. So what does the company do? Launch a million dollar bee “research” institute to keep the public from the truth.

Will California Save the Bees?

The time has come to take a stand against the systemic pesticides that are killing bees. From the front lines, Paul Towers, of Pesticides Action Network, makes a clear case and asks The Golden State to step forward and be the change.

Bee-n to Ban Systemic Pesticides, Plans to Sue EPA

Activists, concerned citizens, and beekeepers, including Congressman Dennis Kucinich and CCD Posterboy David Hackenberg, huddled outside of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protest systemic pesticides that continue to slowly kill honeybees and humans.

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