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By HoneyColony Staff

It seems that almost every day someone discovers a new supplement that will save your life, and it’s with almost equal redundancy that we discover some famed additive in our food source is slowly killing us.

The entire premise of nutrition, of course, is riddled with half-truths, misjudgments, blind faith, and outright lies. Kris Gunnars, who runs, has written a piece about just that, in which he examines 11 well-known and supposedly healthy foods that are quite harmful to the body.

So if you want to know why fruit juice is as bad as Coca Cola, why agave nectar might be even worse than sugar, and why gluten-free junk food is absolute junk, we suggest you read his article here.

7 thoughts on “11 Health Foods That Can Kill You”

  1. Another thing to remember is that although what is said in the article is generally correct in most countries, for those of us NOT in the US foodstuffs do not always have the same ingredients, e.g fruit juice can only be a called fruit JUICE in the UK if that it was it is, otherwise it MUST be called fruit drink, or fruit squash. We also have other rules about labelling.

    The lesson is – read the label, and moderation in all things.

  2. Generally speaking, if a food has been through a factory (processed) it is unlikely to be good for you. What is good is variety, with the accent on natural stuff like veg and fruit and whole grains.( all GM free of course) But provided it is once in a while as a treat, other things will not do too much harm.

    Grow your own, bake your own, make your own.

  3. sugarmagnolia

    I am in agreement with about 90% of this article. Very good, common sense and science about highly processed foods, even if they seem “healthy.” My one problem is with some foods labeled “gluten free.” My daughter, age 12, has celiac disease and I have become a bit of an expert since her diagnosis 11 years ago. I bake almost all of her bread because she does take sandwiches to school, as well as fruit. She wants to be like other kids (and I don’t blame her) so I buy her gluten-free pretzels and some plain potato chips made with nothing but potato, salt, and oil. There are processed foods, including the bread I sometimes buy when I don’t have enough time to bake (I have two other children and a full time job and I’m a single mom).

    There are exceptions to the “never buy anything gluten-free” rule and while it is always preferable to eat “whole” meaning unprocessed foods such as vegetables and fruit, there are times, especially with kids, when gluten-free breads and snacks are a good alternative.


  4. maryam henein

    Hi @Castalian – there is actually 20 % of population that is okay with gluten. But don’t be led to believe Gluten is GOOD for you. THere’s nothing good about it. I highly recommend you read a book called Wheat Belly.
    Everything in moderation. The article just says that overdoing it on gluten free items will also spike your blood sugar.

  5. I am confused: in the beginning they say wheat is bad because it contains lots of gluten, but then they say gluten-free is bad, too.

    All in all, it seems to me that the thing with gluten is the same as with some schools prohibiting peanut butter because some kids might be allergic to it.
    Just because somebody may be allergic does not make a product bad for the whole population.

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