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The mainstream media (MSM) paints a bleak picture of COVID-19. MSM claims we are helpless and must accept a “brave new world” of reduced freedom, at least until a vaccine is available. However, this is not the whole story. Thousands of doctors and scientists are being silenced about COVID-19 treatments and prevention strategies that do not involve the loss of livelihoods or personal freedom. Websites have been taken down, videos have been removed, freedom of speech has been suspended. 

Why is so much information being censored?

Recently, Doctor Carrie Madej released an urgent video explaining the potential ulterior motives behind the COVID-19 response. She reveals that some COVID-19 vaccines may reprogram our DNA, begin connecting us to artificial intelligence, or both. These examples of transhumanism would make us far easier to control by global elites. 

Does The Coronavirus Vaccine Serve A Transhumanist Agenda?

Dr. Madej’s video mainly concerns Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. This shot was one of the first to enter phase III clinical trials, the final stage of testing. Despite being a new company, with no currently approved medicines, they managed to receive funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Stranger still, their vaccine relies on modified RNA, a new technology that we don’t know the full consequences of. For all we know, it could alter our DNA or its expression and have devastating, long-term health consequences.  

To add (further) insult to injury, their vaccine has been fast-tracked at lightning speed. It only took 63 days for their shot to progress from the lab to phase 2 clinical trials. Under normal circumstances, this takes five to 10 years, not several months. If the coronavirus was as deadly as the media claims, and the vaccine was overwhelmingly safe, this may be understandable. However, every participant in the vaccine trial’s high dose groups suffered an adverse reaction

With all these unknowns and side effects, why is it being pushed so heavily?

Medical Tyranny As Identification

The answer may not simply be hysteria among government and health officials, but a plan for medical tyranny. Madej describes one proposed method of vaccination — the use of a micro-needle. This would be a do-it-yourself, mail-order bandage that would inject the vaccine with tiny, painless needles. A bioluminescent enzyme known as luciferase would be included, which would light up to show if you were vaccinated. You can see in this Biometric Update article that it is falsely promoted as a method of “empowering” people in the developed world. 

This could be the manifestation of the ID 2020 proposal. Here, everyone would have a unique identifier to replace cash and credit cards, starting off with a luciferase injection. Dr. Madej adds it could become an on-demand drug delivery system too, if it is followed with administration of microscopic robots constructed by DARPA. These can disassemble and reassemble themselves; gather information from the body; connect people to artificial intelligence; affect brain function or have various drug-like effects.

This example of transhumanism may sound “cool” to science fiction fans but is more likely to destroy our sovereignty. She asks: What if the light source from luciferase, which may control these robots, is activated without your knowledge? Could sedatives be stimulated to stop protesting, for example?

None of these plans have been proven, but Madej proposes them to get us thinking of the possible ulterior motives when it comes to globalized “health care” plans. 

As she asks the audience, “Do you want to take that chance?” 

Is Bill Gates Practicing Medicine Without A License?

The prominent role that Bill Gates is playing in the COVID-19 response raises more questions. He may have vast wealth, but he has zero medical education. We wouldn’t schedule a visit with an untrained doctor, but he is the loudest voice when it comes to public health policy. Bill Gates is the number one sponsor of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and calls investing in vaccines the best decision he’s made. In financial terms, it is — his wealth doubled from 50 to 100 billion dollars as a result. 

It’s no surprise that he insists a vaccine is needed to return to normalcy. He claims that only those vaccinated against COVID-19 should be allowed to go to school, work, attend meetings, and travel.

Additionally, Gates has a patent on technology that would make it possible to implement digital vaccine IDs, part of the ID 2020 proposal. The name of this technology is WO2020-060606. Yet another of his plans is for a global monitoring network to track anyone who has come in contact with the coronavirus

Transhumanism And Human Rights Abuses

Bill Gates has even admitted on television that a vaccine strong enough to act on those with weakened immune systems, such as older adults, will have more side effects. He admits there is a dangerous lack of testing. He admits that some people are harmed by vaccines, but does not see safety monitoring as a priority.

His answers to questions on vaccine safety during interviews include, “If you want to wait and see if a side effect shows up two years later” and, “I think maybe we should have a safety system.”

Would you buy a car or motorbike if its manufacturer had this attitude? He’s already been accused of destroying the health of Indian girls and sterilizing Kenyan women. For these reasons, there are petitions circulating to investigate him for crimes against humanity. 

Unlike car manufacturers, Bill Gates believes that depopulation is necessary for “saving the world.” With gene drives being researched to exterminate unwanted species, such as mosquitoes, could this be extrapolated to humans? Could the ulterior motives behind coercive vaccine policies be about more than just money? Could a transhumanist agenda pave the way for genocide? When in doubt, play it safe — your life matters more than the pressure to vaccinate. 

Hypothetical Pandemic Scenarios Describe A Brave New World

Training resources written by governments seem to preview the actual COVID-19 response, and possibly where it may lead to. For example, the European Union published a bizarre comic book, INFECTED, for their employees in 2012. Its plot involves a new virus originating in China, that spreads across the world and kills many millions. The pandemic’s solution? One global health plan enforced by globalists. No medical freedom, only global elites dictating what we can do with our bodies. 

Another seemingly hypothetical “Scenario for the Future” compares different responses to an imagined pandemic. The U.S. only discourages its citizens from air travel, while China enforces a mandatory quarantine for all citizens. Here, the U.S. is accused of spreading the virus even further, and China is praised. Next, it describes a rollout of total control, where the world population receives a digital ID indicating who is vaccinated. Access to everything from schools to concerts and transport is denied to unvaccinated people. This sounds very similar to proposals by Bill Gates and the warnings sent out to the world by Dr. Madej. 

The Mainstream Media’s Ulterior Motives

If the COVID-19 vaccines are so risky, why isn’t the issue being discussed on television? Put simply, the rich and powerful control what the mainstream media is allowed to broadcast. One German journalist confesses that “I was taught to lie, betray and never tell the truth.” He described being bribed by American billionaires, the CIA, and the Secret Service in an interview with Russia Today. 

Many of mainstream medicine’s confessions have had to be recorded without the speakers’ knowledge. In one, a secret WHO meeting, a chief scientist admitted there is a lack of good safety systems when it comes to vaccines. “We’re not able to give clear cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine,” explains Dr. Soumya Swaminathan. Dr. Stephen Evans adds that vaccine dangers are not always detected in studies because of lack of statistical power. This means studies may be too small, or at-risk groups may be under-represented. Heidi Larson, another WHO official, states in the recording that “We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.” 

Others are speaking openly, but are being censored, sadly. In one instance, 600 Spanish doctors slammed the COVID-19 response as a “political plan.” Dr. Heiko Schoning represented hundreds more health professionals in Germany, saying “We have serious doubts that the official story with COVID-19 is true.” When Dutch doctor Rob Elens tried to report on his successes using hydroxychloroquine with zinc, healing patients within four days, he was “corrected” and YouTube removed his video. In Michigan, Dr. David Brownstein was censored when he tried to report the case of a dying patient’s dramatic recovery with hydrogen peroxide and iodine.  

The Scandals You Don’t See

A documentary by Journeyman Pictures interviewed a nurse talking about the crimes she saw constantly happening in the New York hospital, Elmhurst. She shows viewers how a patient came back with two negative COVID-19 tests … but was still registered as having a “confirmed” case.  Some patients have even been unnecessarily placed on ventilators. 

She explains:

I  know some people are dying of COVID, but people are literally being murdered here. Yeah, because if you put someone with a stable heart rate of 40 on the defibrillator, that’s murder. And if you increase the pressure too much and inflate their lungs from the inside, that’s murder.

A scandal like this should be broadcasted around the world.

Another woman, who had to upload her story onto Facebook (to a tune of four million views), explains how her father died of Alzheimer’s disease. However, when they were handed the death certificate, it listed COVID-19. When she contacted their family doctor to correct this information, the answer was shocking. “Orders from above by the National Health Service. Anyone who dies during this period should be registered as COVID-19.” When a family friend died from heart disease during this same period, his death certificate also mentioned COVID-19. His family was given the same disturbing answer by their own doctor.  

Vaccine Risks 

If current vaccines using established technologies already carry so many risks, why place blind trust in new approaches? In the heavily censored documentary Vaxxed, many families tell their stories of children who have suffered severe reactions such as autism

Less than one in 1,000 children had autism in the late 1970s. At the current rates of increase, it is predicted that half of children will have autism by the 2030s. Research on U.S. infants in 2001 and 2007 found that increasing uptake of recommended vaccines was related to the prevalence of autism. Each one percent increase was linked with 680 extra cases of autism or language disability across the nation. This was not related to access to healthcare, and may point to other causes of autism in vaccines besides thimerosal.

Another study on autism prevalence and environmental toxins suggest that over three-quarters of the rise in autism diagnoses since 1988 is caused by an actual increase in the disorder. Although rising obesity and overall increases in environmental toxins cannot be ruled out, the use of aluminum in vaccines had a similar trend to autism. 

The COVID-19 vaccine will have not only these risks but possibly more because of safety testing being skipped and new technologies being used. With liability immunity established in February 2020, this seems to have been prepared for. 

Despite Everything, Our Future Is In Our Hands

The warnings Dr. Carrie Madej gives us, points to a potentially dangerous, tyrannical future if we don’t act. However, we are not powerless. Awareness of vaccine risks is growing, and so is our innate sovereignty through movements such as the Thank You Body Rally. Fewer Americans are willing to accept a COVID-19 vaccine, with a slight majority of parents being suspicious.  As Madej’s co-presenter tells us, “I encourage you to become a voice for truth … you have the power to transform your world.”

Editors Note: Learn more about the THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY – Dr Carrie Madej. Watch the video and share with everyone you can.

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