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Moksha Festival 2015

Are you ready for a journey within yourself, perhaps a pilgrimage to your soul? A journey that will also nourish your mind and body? A journey that will align you more with Mother Nature?

Every year, 2,000 people embark on such a journey at Moksha festival in Los Angeles.  Moksha festival is a celebration of wellness, spiritual expansion, and conscious living through: Yoga, Health, Ayurveda, Sacred Music, and Spiritual Art. The 4th annual Moksha festival in Los Angeles will take place on July 11th-12th, 2015. It will unfold at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Yoga is one of the six systems of Indian philosophy. It is a science of self-realization. It is much more than Asana (physical postures). Yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices, built on a strong foundation of morals and disciplines.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing rooted in the ancient Vedic culture of India. Literally meaning “the science of life” (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge), Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. Together yoga and Ayurveda work toward the goal of helping a person achieve health, happiness, and ultimately liberation.

According to Ayurveda and yoga, health can only be achieved by the balanced and dynamic integration of body, mind and spirit with the changing cycles of nature. Ayurveda is a way of life. The guidelines provided by Ayurveda help us achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. The secret to health and longevity is living in harmony with Nature cycles.

At HoneyColony, their mission is to unite the growing number of people who are adopting healthy and eco-friendly lifestyles. Moksha festival offers a platform to experience such a lifestyle and mingle with people who share HoneyColony’s values. We encourage you to explore the various offerings of Moksha festival and embark on a transformation journey.

Here are some highlights of Moksha Festival 2015:

  • 2,000+ visitors to play and co mingle with
  • 40 classes & workshops on:  Yoga (Asanas), Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Mantra, Sanskrit, Sacred Geometry, Yoga Dance, Yoga Philosophy, Jyotish and Vaastu
  • Healing Sanctuary representing various healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, Polarity Healing and more healing modalities.
  • 9 music bands leading kirtans and sacred music concerts.
  • Conscious Marktplace: 75 Vendors offering products and services for a healthy and conscious lifestyle.
  • Spiritual Art exhibits & Spiritual Movie Screenings

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Arvind’s other yoga ventures include:

Yoga Maya Movie: Yoga Maya is an exposé on how yoga is taught, practiced and marketed in America. It is a 77-minute documentary, featuring interviews with 12 senior yoga teachers in California, narration and confessionals by Arvind Chittumalla, producer and director of Yoga Maya.

YogaNext: YogaNextis a movement to improve the education and practice of yoga and take it to the Next Level. The mission of YogaNext is to:

  • Promote the comprehensiveness of yoga as a science/art of self realization
  • Develop and enforce standards for yoga education
  • Promote conscious teaching and business practices
  • Be an advocate for the yoga community

YogaNext began in 2011 and has been making significant strides in shaping the future of yoga in America.

Arvind Chittumalla is a yoga practitioner, teacher, and entrepreneur. He was first introduced to the different limbs of yoga 30 years ago in Hyderabad, India. He’s also learned other Indian spiritual philosophies and Sanskrit. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in a boarding school that emphasized spiritual growth. He embraces a yogic lifestyle that integrates all the eight limbs of Raja Yoga, as prescribed by Patanjali.

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