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By HoneyColony Staff

The alternative news community has been wondering when our representatives would heed the consumer cries and warnings about the biotech industry’s stronghold on our food supply.

A wish has been granted.

The Senate opposed last week’s ruling by the House to extend the “Monsanto Protection Act,” which is due to expire on September 30.

“One week ago, I asked, ‘Who pulls more weight on Capitol Hill? The agrichemical companies like Dow and Monsanto, or the food movement?’” Elizabeth Kucinich, policy director for the Center for Food Safety and executive producer of the documentary film GMO OMG, said in a statement. “Thanks to the leadership of Senator Barbara Mikulski we now know the answer: the food movement.”

“The American people asked Congress to stand up against corporate interests and Senator Mikulski along with Senate leadership answered the call. We applaud their resolve during this contentious time on Capitol Hill, putting good policy over backdoor politics,” said Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for Center for Food Safety.

Activists stand united in a common goal to expose Big Agra’s backdoor dealings and inform more consumers about how they satisfy their bottom lines while compromising our health and restricting our collective ability to “opt-out” of transgenic foods. Read the Open Letter signed by over 800 scientists expressing grave concerns about GMOs.

The Senate’s recent vote is one step in the right direction. Up next: March Against Monsanto.

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