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By Dr. Sharada HallHive Advisor

Avoid Eating At Night

Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved eating cereal right before bed each night? Well it turns out our bodies don’t digest food very well after sundown. So if you don’t sleep so well, your kids get stomach aches, or you need to shed a few pounds, keep the refrigerator door closed, and keep reading!

1. Our Body Mimics The Universe

According to Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, our bodies mimic the natural universe. When the sun rises in the sky, so too our digestive fire wakes up and starts to roar. As the sun sets, our internal fire which is our metabolism also goes to sleep for the night.

2. Late Night Snacks Can Lead to Weight Gain

If our metabolism goes to sleep but we’re just starting on some lasagna, what do you think will become of that meal? If you thought “turns to fat” you’re right. We want to eat when our digestion is at its peak and can actually breakdown and assimilate the nutrients from food and turn them into energy. If our digestion is unable to do that because it’s resting for the evening, we gain weight from our food. Stop eating after sundown and watch those extra pounds drop away.

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3. Eat Lunch Like A King And Dinner Like A Pauper

An old natural health saying goes: Eat breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king, and dinner like a pauper. The point is that in order to really extract nutrients from our food and metabolize properly, we need to eat our largest meal of the day when the sun and our internal fire are strongest. That’s midday. So lunch should be fit for a king, while breakfast should be smaller than that, but still big enough to stoke our digestive fire for the day. Then dinner should be small and before sunset. This way we get the most out of our food.

4. Breaking The Fast

Breakfast is called that because our bodies work best if we fast all night. While we are sleeping, our bodies are processing and eliminating food and toxins in order to stay clean and perform well. If we eat too late at night, our bodies don’t get a chance to do that.

5. Tell The Kids The Kitchen Is Closed

Even kids need to give their systems a break. Kids who suffer from stomach aches, poor appetites or weight gain would benefit from being banned from the kitchen after sunset. It’s hard to tell a kid who says he’s hungry that the kitchen is closed, but once they start feeling better because you’re giving them the chance to detox in the night, the whole family will be happier.


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This article was republished with permission from the author.

1 thought on “6 Reasons You Should Avoid Eating At Night”

  1. This could’ve been more thorough and detailed. I have found for myself eating one meal a day is perfect or sometimes once every other day. I know that maybe eating more quality whole foods and liquid light nutrients such as smoothies or tonics on a consistent basis would be really helpful. I would like it to be easier to prepare and acquire these types of foods. Also alchemically making meal time much more of an artistry life sustaining celebration. Sharing sacred meal time with other awakened and charged individuals, especially in community sessions would be greater than what I’ve been experiencing on my own. Sometimes “nighttime eating” is the only time I have enough energy to eat or just wind up consciouslly fasting for the next few days. Thank you for writing and compiling all these articles. Very cosmically helpful for sure!

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