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To honor Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month in June, we’re sharing eight facts and guidelines to promote brain health. The brain uses more energy than any other human organ, accounting for up to 20 percent of the body’s total haul.

Here are some tips and facts to turbocharge your body, improve brain health, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

  1. Genes do not determine the fate of our brains. Thanks to lifelong neuroplasticity, our lifestyles are as important as our genes—if not more—in how our brains grow and our minds evolve. Brain plasticity is a common term used by neuroscientists, referring to the brain’s ability to change at any age—for better or worse.
  2. If you were to dehydrate your brain, you’d find that it’s made up of fat (also known as lipids), proteins, amino acids, traces of micro nutrients, and glucose. To improve cognition, eliminate your intake of saturated fats and trans fats found in processed foods. Eliminate sugar because it is addictive as crack and provides zero nutrition. It only dumbs you down and ages you. Increase your essential fatty acids by eating foods high in omega 3, such as nuts and fish. Also consider the Mediterranean Diet. It’s supplementation of olive oil and nuts, is associated with decreased risk of cognitive decline.

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  3. Physical exercise and increased fitness promotes brain functioning through a variety of mechanisms, including increased brain volume, blood supply, and growth hormone levels. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes per day, three days a week.
  4. While Western Medicine argues about aluminum’s role in Alzheimer’s disease, heavy metals are bad for our health and aluminum is the most abundant neurotoxic metal on earth. Avoid the use of cookware, antacids, baking powder, or other products that contribute dietary aluminum.
  5. Routine activities and repetitive tasks do not challenge the brain, rather they can actually  dull or even damage your mental acuity.Watching television for instance has actually been shown to reduce cognitive function. Mental stimulation however strengthens the connections between neurons (synapses), improving neuron survival and cognitive functioning. Mental stimulation also helps build cognitive reserve, helping the brain better cope with potential AD pathology. Try these brain teasers.
  6. Moderate doses of caffeine increase alertness and can have cognitive enhancing properties. The secret is to Bulletproof your java so you you can supercharge your brain function. Besides the high nutrient density and cognitive boosting effects of grass-fed butter and coconut oil, these fats also increase the absorption of caffeine.
  7. Brain supplements” aka nootropics can boost cognitive function. Look for natural ones.
  8. Chronic stress reduces and can even inhibit neurogenesis. Memory and general mental flexibility are impaired by chronic stress. Be mindful and reduce stress for the sake of your entire being. There is increasing evidence that meditation and biofeedback can successfully teach users to self-regulate physiological stress responses.


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