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It’s another new year and you really can’t wrap your mind around another New Year resolution.

We at HoneyColony get it. Drastic change, becoming a new person, transforming your life … perhaps good ideas, but probably not all that realistic. Here’s what we say: Baby steps. Add, don’t subtract.

We really do practice what we preach as we guide you to a healthier life. We think it’s about you making the most reasonable, incremental additions that will help make you healthier. No starvation diets, no ill-advised deprivation that’s not sustainable.

Notice again that we said “additions” and not subtractions. It’s much healthier to add good things to your life. And if they ultimately take the place of some other, less desirable practices or habits, so be it.

With that in mind, may we humbly suggest a couple of ways to start the journey in 2017? Remember: Baby steps. Simple add-ons. Don’t subtract. Add.

Healthy New Year Resolution

Here are a few of our favorite all around great additions to a healthy lifestyle:

Save The Bees Set

new year resolutionOur Saves The Bee Set is the perfect introduction to our mission here at HoneyColony. Vanishing of the Bees was Co-Directed and Produced by HoneyColony CEO and Editor-in-Chief Maryam Henein and tells the story of how the decline of our busy bee friends impacts everyday life. Nourish is one of our top-selling moisturizers because it contains rich bee products and ozone to detox your skin leaving it vibrant and young. Aseda Wild Honey offers a sweet and delicious taste of pure, unfiltered, true, wild, and raw honey from Ghana.

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5 Must-Have Essentials

new year resolution

These five supplements work together to keep you healthy and functioning properly. Sockeye Wild Salmon and Vitamin D3 supplements provides omega-3 fish oil to reduce inflammation and vitamin D3 to promote cell repair and boost immunity. Jigsaw Magnesium is necessary for muscle relaxation, bone and teeth formation, proper bowel functioning, and blood sugar levels regulation. Just Thrive Probiotics has 100 percent healthy bacteria survivability to provide antioxidants and promote healthy immune function. Healthforce Acai Reservatrol destroys free radicals that travel throughout the body and wreak havoc in cells.

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Body & Beauty Bee Bundle

new year resolution

At the heart of HoneyColony is our love for bees and their community. Some of our favorite products contain ingredients derived from the hard work of bees. Our Body & Beauty Bundle offers two of our favorite products with bee byproducts at their core. Our Equilibrium Energy Superfood is formulated with raw honey-based organic and wild crafted ingredients–cultivated to bring you instant energy in a single teaspoon serving. No3urish W/ Patchouli is an ozone rich moisturizer that destroys free radicals to promote healthy and youthful skin with five of nature’s most efficient healing agents.

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Bulletproof Your Life Bundle

new year resolution


Being Bulletproof is a lifestyle. Our Bulletproof Your Life Bundle provides five of the best Bulletproof products to let you tackle the chaos of life. Start your morning with Bulletproof Coffee and a splash of Brain Octane and XCT Oil for increased energy, focus, and metabolic performance. When you’re on the go, grab a Vanilla Max Collagen Bar to provide instant energy, increase muscle and joint recovery, and enhance brain function. Even with a healthy lifestyle toxins make their way into your life. The Upgraded Activated Coconut Charcoal helps remove toxins and heavy metals, settle an upset stomach, and flush out alcohol on those late weekday nights.

Organic Weight Loss Superfood Smoothie Package

new year resolution

If you’re on the run this New Year, our Superfood Smoothie Package tastes great, boosts your energy, and contributes to healthy weight loss. Composed of hemp seeds, vegan protein, bee pollen, and organic raw honey, this smoothie bundle offers the perfect drink to start your day.

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